PSU Feature: The Guns of Killzone 2

It will have been over four years since the release of the original Killzone when Killzone 2 hits retail shelves in February 2009. In that stretch of time, PlayStation owners have endured delay after delay in hopes of one day finally getting the opportunity to sit down with the highly anticipated title in order to take down one Helghast at a time. One of the key components to taking down this dastardly enemy of mankind is the weaponry you’ll be equipped with. We’ve taken the time to display the known weapons for Killzone 2.

First up is the standard issued ISA Assault Rifle. It won’t come as a shock if this ends up being your main weapon of combat throughout the game, but we’re hoping that this time around Guerilla Games gives us a little bit larger magazine clip to work with. Hopefully, as displayed below, that added clip of ammo will be used as an extra source of ammunition that will give you a quicker reload and more bullets to spray paint across the battlefield.  We can also speculate that because of the green scope attachment, this Assault Rifle is also packaged with the grenade launcher much like the similar scope was packaged with that rifle in the original title.

This brings the Machine Gun up next, which happens to be looking like an altered version of the M249 SAW. While this option will come packed with more rounds at a faster rate, we’re sure the damage potential will be much lower than that of the Assault Rifle. Not to mention the recoil, if done realistically, should create a bit of inaccuracy in comparison as well. Though users will probably give up damage for a faster rate of fire, this would be your obvious second choice for your primary weapon.

A new addition to the Killzone Gun Club is the Revolver (Featured in Liberation, but not the original Killzone). Oddly, this handgun was left out of the original title from what we can gather, but found its way into the sequel. We’re hoping that the revolver just happens to punch a nice amount of damage behind that beautiful kickback. If we look at the revolver within other games, we can take delight in knowing what type of stopping power this little package can deliver. Here’s to hoping the Helghast are poorly prepared for its punch.

Below, you’ll notice a miscellaneous rifle that we’re not quite sure on what it could be. From what we gather, it is quite similar to the Assault Rifle/Shotgun combination from the original Killzone – minus the red scope. If this is the case, it’s good to know that this dual-purposed weapon will be made available to users in the game once more. This was by far our favorite weapon in Killzone and we’re glad it is potentially making its return. This gun is sure to be the most efficient not only in distance-based combat, but in close-quarters battle as well.

This little SMG-esque gun (A replica of the PP 19 Bizon SMG) is new to the franchise much like the Revolver. We’ve done our digging around and can’t find anything eerily similar to the style nor the design. We understand the game has undertaken a huge redesign since the original title, but it still leave zero resemblance like other guns we’ve mentioned already. Our best bet is this is just a standard two-handed SMG that will allow you to drop the Helghast to the floor in quick succession.

The Rocket Launcher looks like a real nice piece of work in Killzone 2. As shown below, we’re hoping this bad boy destroys as great as it looks. As in any game, the rocket launcher is used with no caution and only complete destruction is relevant. We can only imagine how the rag doll physics will send Helghast flying after taking a pill poppin’ from one of these bad boys.



The last type of Rifle displayed throughout the trailers thus far is the single-shot rifle below. This high-impact rifle is sure to do some damage no matter where it hits you. We’re sure this will be the weapon of choice for a variety of gamers and we look forward to firing off a few rounds for ourselves come February.


We’ve obviously saved the best weapon for last. The Shotgun — now we understand we said the dual-rifle/shotgun was our favorite weapon of all, unfortunately, when it comes to just a standard equipped gun, nothing beats the shotgun on its own. Moving through corridors and weaving through close-quarter combat, it’s always great fun to watch the enemy take a shell to the chest and go flying in reverse. Mowing down one Helghast at a time, the trusty sidekick of the Assault Rifle should leave any ISA Soldier proud to be at war.

These are the only known weapons of Killzone 2 thus far and we’re sure there will be more slowly revealed as February 2009 rolls around. With a lot of trailers and gameplay to look forward to, it will be no surprise to finally see a lot more weapons in destructive action. We’ve speculated how each of these weapons lines up, now it’s your turn to do the same below. Which are you looking forward to most?

[Editor’s Note: Please understand this entire feature is based around speculation. I’m aware that we are not using the technical in-game weapon names for the weapons above.]