PSU Interview: Folklore Producer

Developed by Game Republic, Folklore is one of the most anticipated RPG’s for the PlayStation 3. Due to hit stores this October, PSU conducted an interview with Eric Fong, one of the lead producers on Folklore and interviewed him on some of the unique features behind the game.

PSU: To remind our readers, what is the general storyline behind Folklore?

Eric Fong: Our two main characters, Ellen and Keats, are drawn to the mysterious Irish town of Doolin, where it is said the living can meet the dead. Ellen receives a letter asking her to meet her mother, whom she believes has been dead for 17 years. Keats, a reporter for the second-rate occult magazine “Unknown Realms”, gets a startling call for help from the small town. The two meet on the jagged cliffs of Doolin, and are immediately caught up in a murder-mystery and have to travel the netherworld to solve it.

PSU: What are the main differences between the two characters Keats and Ellen? Will their stories lead them to a different end, or will the paths intertwine in such a way that they share a similar fate at the end of the game?

Fong: Ellen has more of a strategic game style. Some of the creatures available to Ellen allow her to trap or stun her opponents, making them easier to take down. Keats is more of a classic fighter. He does a lot of damage and usually finds himself in the middle of large groups of enemies.

Ellen and Keats are two distinct characters and see the same events from two different points of view. Because they eventually work together, their story becomes intertwined and progress to the same resolution.

PSU: How did the team come up with the idea of implementing motion control to capture the ID’s, or souls of enemies?

Fong: I can’t really speak for the development team, but as one of the producers on the project, it just seemed like a natural design decision. The SIXAXIS just makes for a fun and intuitive game mechanic.

PSU: What would probably be the team’s favorite boss fight and why?

Fong: Again, I can’t speak for the team, but my favorite boss fight has to be the Fleshrum. I can’t go into details, but it is probably the most intriguing and different boss fights I’ve ever played. The level design, creature design, and player involvement make for a great experience.

PSU: How do you intend to market Folklore to the less accepting (of Japanese-driven titles) North American and European audiences? How do you believe it will be accepted?

Fong: Folklore really seems to bridge any and all cultural gaps. Not only do the characters appeal to all audiences, but the themes of death, love, and redemption are about as universal as it gets. So far, anyone that has played Folklore immediately connects with it. The sound and graphics grab the player’s attention, then the combat system and story line draws them into the experience.

PSU: What are your thoughts on Blu-ray as a format, and how does Folklore utilize the extra space provided?

Fong: Blu-ray allows us to provide a high-def audio and video experience without cutting corners or inconveniencing users with disc swaps.

PSU: Is a demo planned for either the U.S. or European PlayStation Stores?

Fong: Yes, a demo is planned for both the US and UK PlayStation Stores.

PSU: When is Folklore scheduled to be released in European and American territories?

Fong: Folklore is slated to ship October 9th.

We’d like to thank Eric Fong for answering our questions and be sure to pick Folklore when it hits stores this October.