PSU Interview: Project Severity

Developed by Escalation Studios and funded by the Cyberathlete Professional League, Severity is a FPS title being built on new idSoftware technology (perhaps the Tech 5 Engine). Both Tom Mustaine (Escalation Studios) and John Romero (id Software) are working on the project so its definitely a title to keep an eye on.


PSU contacted the CLP in regards to Severity and here is our interview with CLP President Angel Munoz.

PSU: What lead you to your decision behind naming the game Severity?

Angel Munoz: Great question! Tom Mustaine (Escalation Studios) and I spent an entire day thinking of names for the game and compiled a list of about 30 possible names. That evening while sleeping I was awoken by what seemed like a male voice that said “Severity.” I ran to my office to look at the list and the closest name was “Severe.” The next morning I called our trademark attorney to check on the eligibility of filing a trademark, and he told me “Severity” had never been used for games and it should be an easy application. I then called Tom and he instantly liked it, as the name relates to words like arduous and difficult, but also grim and bleak.

Severity is what this game is going to be all about. 🙂

PSU: There have been beliefs floating around that the game will play exactly the same as Quake III Arena. If there’s a game with a similar gameplay style to Severity what game would it be?

Angel: It will not play identical to Quake 3 or any other game, but Quake 3 is definitely one of the major inspirations for the development team. Severity will have very unique characteristics and a rich visual environment, but it will also be a faced-paced game.

PSU: What type of gameplay modes will there be in the game other than the standard Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch? Up to how many players will be supported?

Angel: There are several more multiplayer modes that Escalation Studios has planned, including a single gamer tournament experience. We really don’t want to say much yet on this, but I think gamers will be pleasantly surprised.

PSU: Are you using your own proprietary engine or licensing an engine such as Unreal 3.0?

Angel: Yes. Escalation Studios is working with a proprietary engine, but because they are still in early development and finalizing their publishing deal this will be announced later on.

PSU: How many weapons and vehicles will there be in the game? Can you provide us with any details on the weapons or vehicles?

Angel: No. We are keeping that entirely private for now. Although we may announce some details on the unique shield system at the 2007 Summer CPL Championships which will take place Labor Day weekend in Dallas, Texas. At that event we are using F.E.A.R. on the Xbox 360 and World in Conflict on the PC. Total prizes for the World Tour will be $500,000!

PSU: Will there be the ability to have cross-platform gaming? i.e. PlayStation 3 vs. Xbox 360 vs. PC gamers?

Angel: That is absolutely the plan!

PSU: What is the suspected timeframe for Severity’s release on each platform?

Angel: The PC version should be available in early 2009, as CPL will support it will a World Tour that year and the other formats later that year if things go as planned.

We would like to thank Angel Munoz and the rest of the team for making this interview possible and be sure to check back in with PSU as we’ll keep you updated on the title over time.