PSU wants you to help develop our first video game

Have you ever dreamed of creating the next great video game? Do you stay awake all night sketching environments or writing the dialogue for the next greatest cast of characters? Well, PSU wants you to join us in creating our first ever video game.

If you are a faithful PSU community member, you likely remember that we recently received a new investment to enhance our website. Since then we’ve worked behind the scenes to make small changes—just look at the new skin or check out our video reviews for evidence. These changes are small, but over time we plan to roll out some major additions.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this new investment is the addition of a small, independent game development team. This new division, PSU Studios, recently signed on with a major partner to publisher PlayStation Minis. We cannot reveal the publisher at this time under our current contract, but rest assured this company generously collaborates through its partners program.

PSU Studios is just getting off the ground, and while we currently have three programmers and one art director slated to create our first Mini, we are looking to our faithful community for some help. We are unfortunately not able to offer any new salary positions—the investment isn’t that substantial, sorry—but we are encouraging anyone with video game development talents or ideas to work with us as we create our very first game.

We have an absolutely clean slate, so we welcome any ideas to get this project started. There are a few parameters:

* Remember, this is a PS Mini, so it should be simple
* We want our first game accessible to all, so we’d prefer an E rating
* We are looking for a quirky platformer, but try to push the boundaries a bit
*We literally have four guys working on this game, so again, keep it simple but worth a $2 download

Thank you in advance for all those who help us create the next must-have PS Mini. You can post your ideas in this forum thread. We plan to start development in the next few weeks, so the sooner you can share your ideas the better.