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PSU’s Game Of The Year 2022 Awards – Best Direction

Best Direction – God Of War Ragnarok

The direction of a game can often be the deciding factor in whether or not something works for you. How it’s paced, how each moment-to-moment in the gameplay feels for the player, everything must be considered.

It’s the kind of painstaking work that is at its best when you don’t feel it there, calmly guiding the way as you progress further, like a hand on your shoulder you don’t know is there.

With this in mind it can be easy to see why God Of War Ragnarok is the PSU staff’s choice for Best Direction in 2022.

While the all-one-shot effect is cool, it becomes all the more impressive when you consider how well directed every moment of the game is, and how well executed the narrative is with that limitation on the camera.

Runner Up

How our GOTY votings are conducted: PSU staff members can nominate games eligible for each category. Each PSU staff member gets one vote. The winner is decided by our site staff through majority vote.