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PSU’s Game Of The Year 2022 Awards – Best Role-Playing Game

Best Role-Playing Game – Elden Ring

RPGs offer some of the best forms of escapism in gaming, whether it’s soaking up a sumptuously-realised open world, forming relationships with countless characters or evolving your protagonist to meet your own specific playstyle. And boy, there were some right corkers in 2022 for RPG fans.

The obvious main contender is Elden Ring, and unsurprisingly, FromSoftware’s fantasy epic stole our staff vote. It was almost a clean sweep for Elden Ring, with little in the way of competition.

Be sure to read our Elden Ring review to find out why it’s an absolute must-have RPG.

Runners Up

How our GOTY votings are conducted: PSU staff members can nominate games eligible for each category. Each PSU staff member gets one vote. The winner is decided by our site staff through majority vote.