E3 2012 News

PSU’s pre-E3 2012 video diary part 2 – Where’s the party at?

E3 isn’t just about playing games and digesting near-insane amounts of press announcements. Nope, it’s tough, but us journalists do get a chance to let our hair down every now and then thanks to the array of shindigs thrown at the Los Angeles-based convention.

And who better to get the skinny on where the hottest partying takes place at this year’s event than PSU.com’s very own man-on-the-ground Steven Williamson, who returns to our screens today with yet another one of his immaculately-crafted pre-E3 video diaries.

In this latest episode, Mr. Williamson brings you all the latest details regarding our plans for E3’s party goings-on from the glamorous location of his hotel room bog. Don’t fret though, he doesn’t get up to anything nasty – it’s all about the lighting, you see.

Check out part 2 of our E3 2012 video diary below – appropriately titled ‘Where’s the party at?’ – and stay tuned for more video updates as the biggest games show on earth inexorably approaches. And don’t forget, if you happen to be attending any of the events detailed below, then be sure to give us a nudge and say hi!