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Psyonix Is Removing Player-To-Player Trading From Rocket League This December

Rocket League players can currently trade in-game items between each other if they so choose, but that will no longer be an option coming December 2023.

Developer Psyonix has announced that the feature “will be removed from Rocket League on December 5, 2023 at 4pm PST. “ That’s 7pm EST on December 5 and 12am BST on December 6, 2023.

Its making this move to “align with Epic’s overall approach to game cosmetics and item shop policies, where items aren’t tradable, transferrable, or sellable. This opens up future plans for some Rocket League vehicles to come to other Epic games over time, supporting cross-game ownership.”

The trading system gave players another way of accessing cosmetics without having to pony up any real world cash, because if you had something another person wanted, you could just trade them.

You could also offer credits with trades, but this made the in-game store run by Psyonix and Epic not the only place to get items that you’d otherwise pay for.

But beginning this December, the only way to get cosmetics will be that in-game store. It’s then unsurprising that the response has been met with huge backlash from fans.

NRG Rocket League player “musty” summed it up well by saying “Well that’s not very epic,” while comments asking Psyonix to re-consider are flooding the comments section of the Twitter post announcing the features removal.

Fans would like to think that could happen, but this choice is likely not even up to Psyonix, and it ultimately has to do what its parent company, Epic, says.

Source – [Psyonix]