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PUBG PS4 Update 1.81 Out Now, Adds Ability To Carry Downed Survivors, Fixes Multiple Bugs, And Taego Changes

The PUBG update 1.81 patch notes have been announced by PUBG Corporation, which comes with a tidal wave of fresh content, including changes to Taego, the ability to pick up and carry a downed survivor, and a wealth of improvements and bug fixes.

Read up on the latest PUBG console update patch notes below.

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Hello, Survivors. First up in this update is the ability to pick up and carry a downed survivor. You can now throw them over your shoulders and bring them with you to victory.

Next up, Taego has received a lot of changes. Additional covers are added in some areas, and the terrain has also received improvements. Furthermore, Breakable Pots have items inside so break and loot! Error Space are special new zones marked on the map that can spawn items featured in other Battlegrounds, so make sure to check the map for locations.



Fixed the issue of the BZ Grenade pin flying to the back of the character when cooking grenade.

Fixed the sound being inaudible when player is hit by melee weapons.

Fixed the issue of the small multi-drop care package’s collision range seeming bigger than it looks.

Fixed the issue of the killfeed message making it hard for players to move items that are on the bottom of inventory.

Fixed the sound being inaudible when player is descending with a parachute after jumping off of plane.

Fixed the issue of the incorrect visual effects (VFX) being rendered when vehicle collides with wall in a sunny weather setting.

Fixed the issue of Pony Coupe’s and Porter’s speed not lining up with the speed dashboard.

Fixed the issue of being unable to kill a different player intermittently appearing and disappearing.

Fixed the issue of grenade moving to and exploding in a spot different from the thrown position.

Fixed the incorrect camera position issue when player shoots from vehicle in Death Cam.

Fixed the issue of the observer getting reported when observer reports a different player through Observer Mode’s player list.

Fixed the issue of players falling through stairs when playing with unstable network.

Fixed the issue of players being able to shoot while driving a vehicle after changing their primary weapon.

Fixed the issue of player’s game mode being automatically set as Taego’s or Casual Mode’s settings regardless of the player’s most recently played map.

Fixed the custom mode issue of players receiving damage from shotguns even though the bullet damage for each body part setting was set to 0.


Fixed general bugs in Erangel and Taego.


Fixed the issue of Korean being shown in the Refund Policy message when purchasing G-Coins in a language setting that is not Korean.

Fixed the issue of the Random Crate UI overlapping with the Back button.

Fixed the issue of global regions’ game client showing game rating text.


Fixed the clipping issue with character’s skin when equipping Taego Survivor Tee.

Fixed the goggle texture issue of Crimson Cadet – Helmet (Level 1) when dropped on floor.

Fixed the transparent ankle issue when female character equips both Cheerleader Sneakers and PGI.S Tactical Pants.

Fixed the clipping issue with armpits when male character equips Sleeveless Turtleneck and does the Victory Dance 61 emote.

Fixed the clipping issue with forehead when most female characters equip only the Blood Hound Muzzle.

Fixed the issue of incorrect transparency of the glass part when equipping Moon Seeker Helmet.

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