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PUBG Update 1.35 PS4 Patch Notes Confirmed, Season 6 Is Here

PUBG Corporation has announced the full list of PUBG update 1.35 PS4 patch notes for you to digest, and it’s a major turning point for the battle royale title, introducing a brand new season of content among other additions.

The update (otherwise known as PUBG 6.1) was previously available on the test servers for the past couple of weeks, but is now live for everyone to download.

PUBG Update 1.35 PS4 Update Patch Notes

Map Selection

  • AS, KR/JP, SEA, EU, RU
    • Replaced Vikendi with the new map, Karakin (Vikendi will still be playable in Custom Matches)

Featured Map & Random Map

  • NA
    • Featured Map: Karakin
    • Random Map: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok
      • The Featured Map option may be disabled and Karakin added to the Random Map pool if players experience issues with long matchmaking times.
    • Vikendi is now unavailable in public matches and only available through custom matches.

All Random Maps

  • Replaced Vikendi with the new map, Karakin. Vikendi will still be playable in custom games.
  • There is an equal chance to play on each map.

Mastery System

  • PUBG ID will now be shown on the end of match screen and while spectating player

Known Issue: Character model is not shown on PUBG ID.


  • Added ‘PASS’ button to the main menu
    • You can view Survivor Pass by clicking it

Replay System

  • The replay system has been updated. Replay files from previous updates are now unavailable for use


Gun Handling Sounds Improvement

  • Improved reload and weapon switching sound effects
  • Modified reload sounds to be more realistic, through adding audible player interaction with the reload operation.

Sound segmentation related to the mechanical properties weapons during aiming/scoping

  • In Aiming/Scoping, the degree of trembling sounds related to weapon attachments details varies depending on the type of weapon.
  • Sounds are divided into two, Handgun and non-handgun, and handgun has less trembling or no attachment detailed sounds compared to non-handguns.

Vaulting Sounds Improvement

  • Improved detailed expressions on objects such as hand-to-body contact, collar-to-shoulder squeaks, etc. during vaulting
  • When vaulting, sound outputs correct material sounds (Concrete, Metal, Wood)


  • Further lowered the volume of wind sound effect in the moonlight

Karakin known issue: Sound in and above bunkers isn’t working as intended in certain situations. Currently, it can be difficult to distinguish the distance of players from your position while underground, or whether they’re above or below ground while in the vicinity of a bunker.

We’re working to resolve this issue and improve logic related to sound in and around bunkers. As this is a complex issue, it will take some time to be resolved and we expect to push the updated sound logic to live servers in the April update.


World Origin Shift

  • Optimized the world location calculating process to reduce occurrence of hitching.

Skins & Items