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PUBG Update 1.65 Rolls Out For PS4 With Season 11 Ranked And Weapon Balancing

The PUBG update 1.65 patch notes have been announced today by PUBG Corp., which is available for PS4 and Xbox One versions of the battle royale title. This is a pretty major update, adding Season 11 Ranked, weapon balancing, and other content.

Read up on PUBG 1.65 below.

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Season 10 Ranked Rewards

Season 10 has now wrapped up and it’s time to enjoy your rewards, after a hard-fought season of Ranked. Rewards will be automatically distributed to your inventory upon login at the beginning of Season 11.

Season 10 rewards are granted based on your final end-of-season rank.

Ranked Emblem

A unique emblem per tier, for all players who obtained a rank during Season 10.

Season 10 Ranked Parachute Skin

Given to all players ranked Diamond and above.

Season 10 Ranked Mirado Skin

Earned by all players ranked Gold and above.

Season 11 Ranked Begins

Starting from Season 11, the Ranked Season will run on a two-month period. The beginning and end dates of the Season will no longer match that of the Pass. Changes have been made to the reward table accordingly.

Players use the rank emblem rewards a lot, especially at high ranks. However, upon analysis, we’ve found that players tend to most often use the emblem rewards from last season rather than older seasons. To better emphasize the honor of earning a rank each season, going forward we’ve moved to a model where the ‘honor based’ rewards will be unlocked only for the following ranked season. This makes sure that all players know you earned your displayed rank reward fairly recently and aren’t resting on laurels that may be out of date. To emphasize the honor of earning high ranks, we’ve made improvements to the quality of the higher rank emblems and added nameplates as an additional honor based reward type.

Ranked Rewards Table Changes

Ranked Parachute skins are provided from Gold and above.

Vehicle skins are no longer provided in Ranked.

Animated emblems are provided for Platinum and above.

Master and Top 500 receive a Nameplate and Emblem.

Emblems and Nameplates are “Honor Rewards” and are provided as “Unlock” types.

Updated Rewards Table

Season 11 reward design will be revealed through a separate announcement.

Tier Reward List

Bronze Bronze PUBG ID Emblem

Silver Silver PUBG ID Emblem

Gold Gold PUBG ID Emblem

Ranked Parachute Skin

Platinum Animated Platinum PUBG ID Emblem

Ranked Parachute Skin

Diamond Animated Diamond PUBG ID Emblem

Ranked Parachute Skin

Master Animated Master PUBG ID Emblem

Animated Master Nameplate

Ranked Parachute Skin

Top 500 Bonus rewards for Top 500 players:

Unlockable Animated Top 500 Emblem

Unlockable Animated Top 500 Nameplate

Unlock Rewards

The highest rank Unlock Rewards can be used in the next Ranked Season.

Unlock Rewards can be found in the inventory at the start of the new Season.

Once the Ranked Season is over and the server maintenance begins, Unlock Rewards will be collected from the inventory.

Season 11 Ranked Updates

Spawn rates for all weapons in Ranked Mode will be increased similar to a level similar to Esports Mode, on all maps. We have increased the amount of item spawns by 30% – 40% to reduce time spent looting. There are no changes to other item or vehicle spawn rates.

The Return of Paramo

Based on your feedback, we’ve brought back Paramo to Normal and Custom matches, as Haven and Karkin bid farewell.

Check out the changes to Paramo this update!

Added one random spot(total of four).

Increased item spawn rates in the Secret Room and Care Package Helicopter.

Improved terrain and added additional cover to fields.

Normal Matches

Up to 64 players can play in a match (bots included).

Custom Matches

Now available in Custom Matches

Added Secret Room Key to spawn options.

Map Service Plans

Last year, the team focused on releasing several smaller sized maps with unique features, from Karakin and its building destruction, to Paramo and its partially randomized terrain, to the urban streets of Haven along with its PvPvE elements. We love making new and interesting maps for you all to play on but all these new maps make matchmaking and map rotation a pretty difficult task. To try and keep a balance between map choice and matchmaking times, we’ll be limiting the number of playable maps to five starting with Update 11.1.

We know that our players have very different tastes when it comes to map size, but the consensus has generally been in favor of the large 8×8 maps. Because of this, Erangel and Miramar will always be available with the remaining maps cycling in and out of the remaining three slots. Cycling out maps also gives us the opportunity to work on them a bit for when they make their return. For Update 11.1, Paramo will be replacing Karakin in the rotation.

Paramo has been a fan favorite since it first dropped and many of you have been asking for it back. We’ve added in more options for game modes and fine-tuned a few other things, added an additional random map area each match, and also made it available in custom games. Karakin will continue to be available in custom games.

We hope this new plan helps keep PUBG’s map selection exciting while still getting you all into games in a timely fashion. Thanks and enjoy your return to Paramo!

Weapon Balance Updates

Based on the data we’ve collected in the past months, we’ve made adjustments to the Weapon Balance. We found that in Normal matches, the Beryl, M416, and SLR are all used in a similar amount. In Ranked matches, however, the Beryl is outperforming other weapons, followed closely by the SLR. To help keep matches exciting and make sure players have many viable battle choices, we’ve decided to nerf the Beryl and SLR. On the other hand, we’ve seen that certain guns are underperforming, and so we are giving the Mini-14, VSS, and SCAR-L small buffs.


Increased damage by +1. (46 47)


Increased damage by +2. (41 43)


Increased damage by +1. (41 42)


Increased horizontal recoil by 15%.

Decreased recoil recovery rate from 2.1 1.9


Increased horizontal recoil magnitude by 5%

Increased horizontal recoil speed from 10 11

Increased vertical recoil speed by +1.5 (15 16.5)

New Feature: Emergency Pickup

When the Emergency Pickup is deployed, a Fulton Balloon is released from its bag. When the Balloon is fully inflated and high up in the air, an airplane will arrive in 60 seconds. During this time, up to a maximum of 4 players can attach themselves to the Fulton Balloon rope. Once that plane arrives, it catches the Balloon, hoists up the players, and makes its way towards the center of the Safe Zone.

At any point during the flight, players can detach themselves and parachute down. When deploying the Emergency Pickup, make sure the area is clear of obstacles (terrain, vehicles, buildings) with a clear view of the sky, or it will fail. The Emergency Pickup cannot be used before the first circle appears and after the fourth circle, so use it wisely. It will also not work when you use it indoors, on ferries, or trains.

The Emergency Pickup is a lootable item only found on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi that can be carried around in your inventory.

Emergency Pickup can be used effectively in the following situations:

Stuck deep in the Blue Zone or are otherwise unable to outrun it

Have to cross an open field with little cover while engaging another team

When you and your teammates want to find a safer looting location

Be aware of the following once you’re picked up by the plane:

Once picked up by the plane, you cannot shoot, so be wary of taking fire while you’re midair.. especially if there is a Motor Glider around.

Players on the rope can receive damage and are therefore vulnerable to mid-air attacks from a Motor Glider.

Players can detach from the rope at anytime and deploy the parachute.

At an altitude of less than 50 meters, the parachute is unable to be deployed.

Camera is locked in TPP for the duration of the journey.

Mastery Medal Updates

Ten new types of Mastery Medals have been added.

While the first medal update focused on killing skills in battle, this update adds medals that focus on multiple combat situations and play styles.

For example, medals have been added for missed victories, taking down a whole enemy squad, coming out on top in certain unlucky situations and even for working well with your team.

Mastery Medals can be acquired in both Normal Matches and Ranked, but not Arcade, Labs and Custom Matches. Each medal specifics which game modes they can be acquired in.

PUBG ID Updates

Players can now display up to two medals on their PUBG ID, as an awesome way to show off your achievements.

Upgrading a medal tier will remove the old medal and only display the higher tier medal.

Players can customize their PUBG ID from the Customize tab.

PUBG ID will now be shown as a profile pop-up, rather than the previous passport format.

Mutual Friends

The previous PUBG friend system only allowed you to follow another player. In the new Mutual Friends feature, players will be able to become friends with one another. Alongside this change are more improvements detailed below.

Friends list now supports up to a maximum of 300 friends.

A “Friend Request” tab has been added to the Social Page. Mutual friend’s activity status can be found here.

You can choose to block requests from specific players desired players for 30 days. Once a player is blocked, you’re unable to unblock them during that time period.

The “Following” feature is no longer supported, with previously followed players listed under “Previous List”.

Friend requests can be sent from this list.

UI/UX Improvements

Killfeed Updates

The killfeed now uses graphics only, with the text-only option no-longer being supported.

DBNO and headshot icons are now separated for improved visibility.

New Feature: Match Log

As text kill feeds are no longer supported, we have added a new screen to view the log of matches using the existing text kill feed feature.

Match Logs can be accessed from the Menu and include the following info:

Kill messages

Important messages (all messages displayed in the center of the screen)

Match Logs are not provided in the following situations:


Arcade TDM

Training Mode

Custom Match: TDM/War Mode/ War Mode: Conquest/Esports

Match Logs will be activated in the following modes:

Normal Match

Custom Match: Normal/Zombie Mode

Observer also supports Match Logs in following situations

Normal Match


Custom Match: Normal/Zombie Mode/Esports

Esports Tab PGI.S Champions Page Update

Winners of PGI.S 2021 can now be found in the Esports tab with Update 11.1.

The top 4 teams will be displayed alongside the PGI.S Grand Prize total.

Tournament Champions will be shown alongside their pictures, in celebration of their victory!

Check it all out and more in the Esports Tab!

Notification Changes

During Normal Matches, a notification now displays when leaving a match which could impact your reputation score.

If you choose to leave before plane takeoff or after death, your reputation will not be negatively impacted and the notification won’t be displayed.

Match Rating pop-up has been removed.

The feedback you’ve sent through match ratings has been very helpful in improving PUBG. Based on the data collected, we will continue to improve PUBG.

We are introducing a new survey system in place of voting on match ratings, full details later in the patch notes.

The Player Profile Icon has been moved into the friend system at the bottom right of the main menu.

Store Improvements

Introducing the newly designed G-Coin page.

Items can be found easily by selecting categories.

Categories without items will be deactivated.

Some categories have been re-named.

Sub categories have been added.

Adjusted some image/model sizes to improve item previews.

QoL Improvements

Maximum number of participants are displayed in the Customize tab emote settings.

Players can now create up to three Custom match sessions, which means player won’t have to wait to start a new session.

A new survey system is coming. Once a new survey begins, players will be notified through the notification center on the main menu.

Wheel Widget

We’ve added a new Wheel Widget feature to help you quickly equip consumables, throwables, and scopes located in your inventory.


Pressing down on the D-pad will display the consumable Wheel Widget.

When the Wheel Widget is open, you can cycle through your consumables by pressing left/right on the D-pad or LB/RB (Xbox) L1/R1 (PS).

Press A (Xbox) X (PS) to select a consumable.

Press B (Xbox) Circle (PS) to close the Wheel Widget.

A yellow checkmark will indicate the consumable that is currently equipped (holding).

Holding down on the D-pad (0.3 sec) will use your last selected consumable.

The number in the circle located to the lower right of the highlighted consumable shows the total amount stored in your inventory.

A number will not be shown if you have one in your inventory.


Pressing right on the D-pad will display the throwable Wheel Widget.

When the Wheel Widget is open, you can cycle through your throwables by pressing left/right on the D-pad or LB/RB (Xbox) L1/R1 (PS).

Press A (Xbox) X (PS) to select a throwable.

Press B (Xbox) Circle (PS) to close the Wheel Widget.

A yellow checkmark will indicate the throwable that is currently equipped (holding).

Holding right on the D-pad (0.3 sec) will equip the last selected throwable.

The number in the circle located to the lower right of the highlighted throwable shows the total amount stored in your inventory.

A number will not be shown if you have one in your inventory.

Sights & Scopes

Pressing and holding up on the D-pad (0.3sec) while in ADS will display the sight & scope Wheel Widget.

When the Wheel Widget is open, you can cycle through your sights & scopes by pressing left/right on the D-pad or LB/RB (Xbox) L1/R1 (PS).

Press A (Xbox) X (PS) to select a sight or scope.

Press B (Xbox) Circle (PS) to close the Wheel Widget.

Squares 1,2 and 3 shown on the upper left side of the highlighted image shows the sights or scopes attached to the main weapon(1)/sub-weapon(2)/handgun(3).

The number in the circle located to the lower right of the highlighted sight or scope shows the total amount stored in your inventory.

A number will not be shown if you have one item in your inventory.

Sights & scopes that cannot be equipped/used are displayed in red

A yellow checkmark will indicate the sight or scope on the weapon that is currently equipped (holding).

We look forward to reading your feedback and suggestions on the new Wheel Widget feature.

TDM Map Ratio Changes

We have slightly reduced the Sanhok map ratio for TDM based on community feedback.

Performance Improvements

Increased server performance by improving server replication process.

Optimized level streaming to reduce hitching.

Improved unnecessary performance overheads related to reflections and optimized reflection computations inside buildings.

Improved Care Package optimization to reduce server hitches.

Increased server performance in relation to Red Zones.

Image loading speeds have been improved in-game and in the menus.

Items & Skins

April Skins – Hippie

Sales Period

14 April 2021 2 PM KST – 13 April 2022 2 PM KST

13 April 2021 10 PM PDT – 12 April 2022 10 PM PDT

14 April 2021 7 AM CEST – 13 April 2022 7 AM CEST


4 Sets


Groovy Glasses

Groovy Bandana

Groovy Gown

Groovy Boots


Hip Haltertop

Hip Bellbottoms

Hip Sandals


One Love Beanie

One Love Shirt

One Love Pants

One Love Shoes


Far Out Sunglasses

Far Out Shirt

Far Out Bellbottoms

Far Out Slippers

2 Vehicles

“High Flyin’” Motor Glider

“Hippie Soul” Aquarail

2 Emotes

Victory Dance 46

Victory Dance 47

Weapon Skin – Gold/Silver Beryl

Sales Period

21 April 2 PM KST – 2 June 2 PM KST

20 April 10 PM PDT – 1 June 10 PM PDT

21 April 7 AM CEST – 2 June 7 AM CEST


1 Set


Gold Plate – Beryl M762

Silver Plate – Beryl M762

Item patterns on the Corgi Crew Skins have been adjusted due to texture issues.

Bug Fixes


Fixed an issue when using a throwable in a vehicle where the hand position wasn’t aligned correctly.

Fixed the issue where Ranked Match leaving penalties (unable to join match) were applied even after 30 minutes have passed.

Fixed the issue where only a small amount of damage was dealt to opponents upon collision with Dirt Bikes at full speed.

Fixed an issue where grenades could sometimes fail to throw and explode in the players hand.

Fixed the issue where bare footsteps sounds were played when wearing Pillar Tactical Pants.

Fixed the issue which could display the wrong clothing preset for squadmates.

Fixed the issue where the two different compensators that could be attached to the Mini14 looked identical.

Fixed the issue where Team Finder doesn’t deactivate after starting matchmaking.

Fixed the issue where the Panzerfaust could be fired through walls when jumping or falling.

Fixed the issue where respawning didn’t work if the player didn’t switch into spectating mode after dying in War Mode.

Fixed the issue where the boost items were canceled when consuming them while changing weapons.

Fixed the issue where a player kicked from a Custom match lobby could re-join via invitation.

Fixed the issue where the Coupon Store wasn’t available during the grace period.

Fixed an issue where the kills you earned after you die are not displayed in the Match History.

Fixed an issue where the area of the item slot was displayed abnormally in the shop recommendation tab at certain resolutions.

Fixed an issue causing players character to get stuck in the lean position while using a throwable.

Fixed the view angle issue on the Zima.

Fixed the black tool-tip background being displayed in the POBG loading screen.

[POBG] Fixed the issue where the Grenade Chicken throws grenades where they are standing.


Fixed the issue where the opacity of the Random Crate’s background wasn’t displayed properly.

Fixed an issue where the arrow UI in the top right corner of the Match Report Weapon Mastery was displayed even when achieving XP for a single weapon.

Fixed an issue where ‘Item’ was displayed as ‘Steal’ when using the Tactical Map Marker.

Fixed an issue where players queuing for a match were marked as already playing when viewed on the Social Page.

Fixed a visual issue in the notification window after reporting a player.

Fixed the issue where the News page content wasn’t aligned in Arabian.

Fixed the issue where the player’s nickname was displayed on the mini-map in observer mode.

Fixed the issue where the ‘Vest’ filter wasn’t displayed in the Customize menu.

Fixed the issue where the killfeed was not displayed once a random player is kicked from the game.

Fixed the issue where the Bot reputation is always 0.

Fixed a problem where the nickname of the user who died or ended the game was not darkened in the team list UI.


Fixed the clipping issue when the Hairstyle PGI.S and the Crossbow hat were worn together.

Fixed the issue where a display error occurred when wearing the PGI Title Handwraps after wearing Duncan’s Infiltrator Handwraps.

Fixed the issue where the skin color changes when a female character wears the Looters/Spurdogs Basketball Shoes.

Fixed the texture issue when a female character wears the Karakin Local Blouse.

Fixed the issue where the character’s hand disappears when the Evening Bloom Dress and the Smoke Stalker Jacket are worn together.

Improved the ‘DARLING’ text written on the butt plate of the Rosebound M24.

Fixed the clipping issue when PGI.S Beast-Mode Mask and Julie’s Infiltrator Helmet – Helmet (Level 1) are worn together.

Fixed the clipping issue on the male characters when the Fancy Holiday Jacket and the Military Skirt (Black)/(White) are equipped together.

Fixed the sound issue of bare footstep sound being played when wearing Wooden Puppet Legs.

Fixed the clipping issue when the Fairied Away Gloves and the Lunchmeat Hoodie were equipped together.

We rolled back the design of (BATTLESTAT) Festive Flannel – M416 and (BATTLESTAT) Moo’d Killer – Mini14.