Q-Games redefining PlayStation Move, music games with PixelJunk 4am

Looking for a reason to pick up your PlayStation Move again? Look no further than the Q-Games’ upcoming PixelJunk 4am. This indie developer is experimenting with the Move in an all-new music-based game. The development team looks at it as more of an instrument rather than a game. You will be a performer when the game drops this spring. If you plan to attend GDC, you will get your chance to check it out for yourself.

This is not a mini-game, or a shooter, or a pointer; it’s an instrument that utilizes Move’s three axes, accelerometer, and gyro. Q-Games built a Virtual Canvas where the Move will track through space in a vibrant palatte of color, the developer says.

The PlayStation Network will be turned into something of a radio broadcasting station. Gamers, or the artists, will fill the airwaves. Whenever you play the game you will stream it live on the PSN for anyone to listen to. You can download a free viewer to listen in and use it to stream live performances. You can even promote your performances using Facebook and Twitter from inside the game.

So, our basic analysis of this announcement: Q-Games just blew our heads away, if they can follow through with this promise.