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QUByte Classics Will See Retro Titles Including PSOne Platformer Glover Come To PS4

A range of QUByte Classic titles are getting re-released for modern platforms including PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, QUByte Interactive has announced.

The re-releases are split into three categories: Beat-‘Em-Ups, Platformers and RPGs. You can see more details on the release schedule below.

First up are the Beat-‘Em-Up games, which includes Iron Commando and Legend. The former was originally released for the SNES in February 1995 in Japan, and was developed by Arcade Zone. Meanwhile, Legend, also from the same developer, arrived in April 1994 in North America.

Following this is Stone Protectors, which was originally developed by Eurocom and launched in November 1994 for the SNES.

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The lone platform game Glover, which was released for N64 and PSOne in November 1998 and November 1999, respectively, and was developed by Interactive Studios and sees players exploring six worlds packed with 30 different levels.

Finally, we have RPGs, which kicks off with Brave Battle Saga: The Legend of the Magic Warrior. This arrived for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in 1996 and was developed by Chuapu Technology, a development studio based in Taiwan. Following this is Legend of Wukong, which also arrived in 1996 for Sega’s console and was produced by Gamtec.