Racial Diversity Gaming Hour – Episode 6: Titanfall, Heroes: Reborn, Nolan North and Troy Baker


Episode 6 is here already! Our host, Dane, will be away for awhile, and The Commissioner (Glenn Gordon) takes the reigns along with KGB Garri Bagdasarov, Ben "The Real Jim Sterling" Shillabeer-Hall, and latecomer Chris Clement (who has no nickname… for now). How was the Titanfall beta? There’s to be a new season of Heroes?! Do we really need anymore Wolverine movies? Just how awesome are video game voice actors Nolan North and Troy Baker?

Most importantly, WHERE IS ERNEST LIN? D:

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One more thing. Just what is this music we’ve stuck at the beginning and end of the podcast? If you recognize the anime it comes from or the artist who performed it, comment the correct information below and The Commissioner himself will give you a shoutout on Episode 7!


The Racial Diversity Gaming Hour is a PSU production that takes on topics from any and all gaming platforms to bring some loving to our multi-platform fans needing another podcast fix. We’re all gamers at heart, so lets spread some gaming harmony and leave the fanboy rage at the door!