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Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.19 Unleashes New Operator And More In Y7S1 Demon Veil Content

Ubisoft has unboxed the Rainbow Six Siege update 2.19 patch notes for your consumption, and this is a big one folks, ushering in the Y7S1’s Demon Veil content. This comes with a new Operator, weapon balancing, and much more.

Read up on the Rainbow Six Siege patch notes below.

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Outback has received a variety of updates to improve balancing and player comfort. Both the main building and its exterior have been modified to allow Attackers to create and execute more effective strategies. As well, new exterior soft walls have been added to the building, and some areas have been refurbished and cleaned up to remove junk and provide better lines of sight and balance.

A few new locations have been added to the map:

  • 1F Convenience Store, 1F Compressor Room, 1F Gear Store, and 1F Beer Fridge have been combined into 1F Bike Repair and 1F Mechanic Shop.
  • 2F Office Supply is larger and has an exterior soft wall.
  • 1F Restaurant has been split into two rooms: 1F Restaurant and 1F Shark.
  • 2F Covered Terrace is now an interior area that connects 2F Mezzanine and 2F Piano Room. The 2F Piano Room stairs have been removed.

Bomb sites have been moved:

  • The bombsites that were previously in 2F Dorms and 2F Laundry have been moved to 2F Laundry and 2F Piano Room.


Since the game’s release, Rainbow Six Siege has always used two colors to represent teams: blue and orange. The default team colors have now changed to blue and red, with opponents always being red. This change is mainly reflected in the UI and round feedback. It aims to bring consistency to the UI and improve onboarding for newcomers. The team colors can be changed between blue, red, or orange in the Accessibility section of the Options menu.

To go along with this change, teams are now referred to in-game as Your Team and Opponents instead of Blue Team and Orange Team.



  • Players can customize their Operator’s unique abilities in the Loadout section.
  • Players can navigate to any Operator in the Operators section and select the Appearance tab to view Headgear, Uniforms, Victory Celebrations, Operator Portraits, and Card Backgrounds.
  • Players can customize their Operator Cards by mixing and matching Operator Portraits and Card Backgrounds. Their selections will be seen by teammates before everyone loads into the match and in various places in-game. They will also be seen by opponents they eliminate.
  • UX and UI changes have been made to various customization menus to improve player comfort.


  • Players can now acquire Exotic weapon skins during their Battle Pass progression. These new weapon skins have a unique 3D effect.


As with every season, High Calibre brings a price decrease for specific Operators. Nomad and Kaid are dropping to 10,000 Renown or 240 R6 Credits, Kali and Wamai are changing to 15,000 Renown or 360 R6 Credits, and Aruni will now cost 20,000 Renown or 480 R6 Credits. Take this opportunity to add them to your roster and maybe you’ll find your new main!

As with every season, High Calibre brings a price decrease for specific Operators. Nomad and Kaid are dropping to 10,000 Renown or 240 R6 Credits, Kali and Wamai are changing to 15,000 Renown or 360 R6 Credits, and Aruni will now cost 20,000 Renown or 480 R6 Credits. Take this opportunity to add them to your roster and maybe you’ll find your new main!



  • Defenders now have access to a drone counter in the HUD to help them keep track of the number of regular drones they’ve destroyed. This feature can be turned off in the HUD section of the Options menu.


  • Visuals for the HUD have been updated to be more in-line with the game’s art direction.
  • Compass now displays pings and other marker locations, as well as feedback for height differences.
  • Loadout (weapons, gadgets and unique abilities) was regrouped together to follow more consistent display rules.
  • Text action reminders (ex: Press [SPACE] to Vault) have been replaced with icons to take up less space.


  • A new Privacy section in the Options menu allows players to adjust settings related to in-game privacy.



  • She can now use the Adrenal Surge to revive herself, which is more consistent with other devices in-game, like Doc’s Stim Pistol.
  • Her recoil boost has been removed.
  • The Adrenal Surge cooldown has been increased to 20 seconds (was 10 seconds).


  • Increased drones’ time outside the building to 10 seconds (was 3 seconds).


  • Defenders can now rotate the Bulletproof Camera and use it to fire EMP bursts that disable opponent devices. EMP bursts cannot be fired by Attackers when the camera is hacked.


  • When placed outdoors, Valkyrie’s Black Eye, Maestro’s Evil Eye, and the Bulletproof Camera will now lose signal after 10 seconds. The player must pick up and redeploy the cameras elsewhere to regain signal.



First Win of the Day Bonus

  • Earn extra Battle Pass Points when winning any PVP playlist game within 24 hours of the first matched played.
  • Time starts at the first match played and resets each day.

Battle Point Booster Update

  • Boosters now give a 30% bonus for you, a 10% bonus for your teammates, and a 30% bonus for a team with at least 3 active Boosters.
  • The bonus can be stacked for up to 100% bonus points.


DSEG – Disabled State for Electronic Gadgets

  • Created more consistent Scoring and Warning messages.
  • Operators’ access to Observation Tools while being affected by DSEG has been normalized. Previously the access was only blocked for Attackers, and now it is blocked for Defenders too.
  • Iana, Finka, Lion, Dokkaebi and Warden’s unique abilities cool down timer is now paused while affected by DSEG.
  • Jackal’s Eyenox automatically deactivates when affected by DSEG
  • Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb ability can be interrupted by DSEG during its casting.
  • Attackers affected by disabled state won’t receive Finka’s adrenaline boost anymore.

Testing Grounds Playlist (TS)

  • No Squad MMR Restriction.
  • Join in Progress enabled.
  • No leaving penalty.
  • Pro League map pool and New/Reworked map with a higher chance of appearance.
  • No map ban.
  • Operator ban enabled. New and reworked Operators can’t be banned.
  • Mix of Unranked and Quick Match settings (3 rounds role swap and one round Overtime).


Grenade Indicator

  • Changes made to the UI so it is more reliable.

Operator Autopick

  • While AFK during the Planning Phase, the Operator selected will be based on the player’s personal statistics.
  • This does not affect the behavior of the Random button.


  • Live notification added when there is an ongoing match.

Alpha Packs

  • New visuals for Alpha Packs.
  • Behavior of Siege Esports Packs has been adjusted so that, instead of duplicates, it will give out Battle Pass Points.

Switch Firing Mode

  • Switch Fire Mode was removed for weapons, but the function (now called Switch Ability Mode) was kept for Operator’s that have unique abilities with different modes (Ex. Zofia, Capitao).


Player Privacy

  • New Privacy tab in the Options menu.
  • Prevent Queue Sniping options moved to this new section.
  • Options are: Hidden Matchmaking Delay and Hide Region and Latency.

Map Rotations

  • Added Outback map and removed Border map from the Newcomer playlist.
  • Added Outback map to Ranked/Unranked.
  • Added Playlist Presets when creating a Custom game.

The addendum patch notes are also listed below.


FIXED – Camera is zoomed out while aiming down sights with the Reflex B sight equipped.

FIXED – Entering Observation Tools will default to security cameras if one of a player’s Observation Tools was picked up or destroyed.

FIXED – Unable to pick up some devices that are deployed into small spaces.

FIXED – Camera goes out of bounds if watching a kill cam when the end of round replay begins.

FIXED – Windows don’t break when deploying a device on a barricade.

FIXED – After spawning, crosshairs can sometimes remain visible while aiming down sights.

FIXED – Camera goes out of bounds for Attackers in support mode when the last Attacker is eliminated and there are no Observation Tools on their team.

FIXED – Bulletproof Camera EMP burst disables electronic map objects for 15 seconds instead of 6 seconds.

FIXED – Bulletproof Camera EMP burst can destroy fragile map objects.

FIXED – Crosshairs of the Reflex B sight are obstructed by the iron sights of various weapons.

FIXED – Defuser disappears if an Attacker picks up the defuser and disconnects between Attacker lock and the start of the Action Phase.

FIXED – SPAS-15 shotgun has no reticle for some non-magnifying sights.

FIXED – Enemy AI doesn’t interact with Azami’s Kiba Barriers.\


FIXED – Multiple LOD issues on various maps.

FIXED – Azami’s Kiba Barrier doesn’t break when the breakable wall it’s deployed on is completely destroyed.


FIXED – Valkyrie’s Black Eye doesn’t lose signal when thrown onto the garage door outside at EXT Garage Ramp on Bank map.


FIXED – Ceiling decals in 1F Blue Bar aren’t destroyed when destroying the floor in 2F Billiard floor on Coastline map.

FIXED – Valkyrie’s Black Eye loses signal on the ceilings of various second floor rooms on Coastline map.


FIXED – Players can defuse the same bomb site twice to win a Training Grounds match on Favela map.


FIXED – Valkyrie’s Black Eye doesn’t lose signal when thrown outside onto the bottom of 2F Upper Bridge on Kanal map.


FIXED – Azami’s Kiba Barrier can allow players to get inside the shark on Outback map.


FIXED – Valkyrie’s Black Eye loses signal at 1F Yellow Corridor drone vent on Theme Park map.


FIXED – Ace’s S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher activates when deployed on the indestructible floor in 1F Lounge on Tower map.


FIXED – Various Operators are missing some non-magnifying weapon sights.

FIXED – Various modelling and clipping issues.

FIXED – Various animation issues.


FIXED – Ace’s S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher has no SFX when equipped and held.


FIXED – Aruni’s MK14 EBR is missing Muzzle Brake from weapon barrels.


FIXED – Azami’s Kiba Barrier doesn’t collapse when an operator stands on it.

FIXED – Azami’s Kiba Barrier deployment VFX are visible from the other side of walls.

FIXED – Azami’s Kiba Barrier deployment VFX aren’t visible when watching a match replay.

FIXED – Azami’s Kiba Barrier destroys Goyo’s Volcán Canisters when it expands.

FIXED – Azami’s Kiba Barrier doesn’t destroy the canister of Mira’s Black Mirror when it expands, making the canister indestructible.

FIXED – Azami’s Kiba Barrier doesn’t break when an Operator stands on it if it was deployed on a hatch that gets destroyed afterward.

FIXED – Azami’s Kiba Barrier doesn’t break when an Attacker exits rappel through the Barrier.

FIXED – Azami’s Kiba Barrier can sometimes prevent vaulting through windows when it’s deployed on a ceiling.


FIXED – Bandit’s Shock Wire can’t be deployed on a reinforced hatch when another device is in the center of it.


FIXED – Incendiary bolts from Capitão’s Tactical Crossbow don’t disappear when Capitão disconnects.


FIXED – Caveira’s SPAS-15 Reflex C sight is incorrectly attached to the weapon.


FIXED – Flores’ RCE-Ratero Charge floats midair when affected by Mute’s Signal Disruptor while jumping.

FIXED – Activating Flores’ RCE-Ratero Charge changes the Observation Tool that an Operator was viewing.


FIXED – Fuze’s AK12 is missing Scope 2.0x from weapon sights.

FIXED – Fuze’s Cluster Charge can be deployed on an angle where a reinforced and indestructible wall meet.


FIXED – Defenders lose the round and Goyo gets a Friendly Fire penalty if an Attacker moves the hostage near a Volcán Canister and disconnects after deploying a device to destroy the canister.


FIXED – IQ’s Electronics Detector can detect Azami’s Kiba Barrier when the kunai is the environment but undeployed.


FIXED – Bullet impact visuals appear on both of Maestro’s Evil Eyes when only one is shot.


FIXED – Maverick’s Breaching Torch is unable to breach a reinforced wall when an Operator’s shield is pressed against the other side.


FIXED – Melusi’s Banshee detects Operators through Azami’s Kiba Barrier.


FIXED – Osa’s Talon-8 Shield remains visible if it’s destroyed by Maverick’s Breaching Torch during deployment.


FIXED – Pulse’s Cardiac Sensor can’t be unequipped after a player equips it and immediately swaps to a gadget.


FIXED – Tachanka’s DP27 has no reticle when aiming down some non-magnifying sights.


FIXED – Defenders lose the round and Wamai gets a Friendly Fire penalty if an Attacker moves the hostage near Wamai’s MAG-Net and disconnects after deploying a device to destroy the MAG-Net.


FIXED – Ying is unable to vault while holding a Candela.


FIXED – Zero’s SC3000K has access to Scope 2.5x A in weapon sights.


FIXED – Some unique ability previews are missing during the Preparation Phase.

FIXED – Privacy Options can be reset to default while the player is in the middle of a match.

FIXED – “View Fullscreen” button doesn’t work for unique abilities and victory celebrations when selected using a mouse.

FIXED – Duplicated pop-ups for Team Deathmatch can appear on game launch.

FIXED – The Home section background is sometimes replaced by a black screen after exiting the Notifications section.

FIXED – The last Operator eliminated at the end of a match doesn’t appear eliminated on the scoreboard.

FIXED – Team Deathmatch playlist pop-up appears before the intro cinematic finishes.

FIXED – Players can join an in-progress Team Deathmatch match when there is less than 2 minutes left in the round or when 3/4 of the total eliminations has been reached.

FIXED – Long delay between the end of a Custom Local Team Deathmatch match and when the MVP starts.

FIXED – Player usernames aren’t display during the MVP of a Team Deathmatch match.

FIXED – Screen resolution slider for Display options can become unresponsive.

FIXED – Crash occurs when multiple players repeatedly switch Operators while the lobby is paused by the host.

FIXED – Various UI issues.

FIXED – Various localization issues.

FIXED – Various customization issues.

FIXED – Various VFX and SFX issues.

FIXED – Overall game performance.


FIXED – Gunshot audio replays every time a Match Replay is rewound.

FIXED – Player isn’t returned to the Watch section at the end of a match replay.

FIXED – Match Replay experiences long loading times when transitioning between rounds if the rewind and pause buttons are pressed repeatedly as the round ends.

FIXED – Match Replay recordings aren’t created for Testing Grounds matches on the Test Server.

FIXED – Various Match Replay camera issues.