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Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.64 Out Now, Brings Operation Deep Freeze Content

Ubisoft has deployed the Rainbow Six Siege update 2.64 patch notes for your consumption, and this is a major patch for the squad shooter, as it adds support for the much-anticipated Operation Deep Freeze content. This brings a brand new Operator to the table among other goodies, so check out the latest Rainbow Six Siege patch notes below. Don’t forget you can also buy R6 ranks boost to help your game.

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New Operator – Defender Tubarão


  • 2 Health
  • 2 Speed

Primary Weapons

  • MPX
  • AR-15.50

Secondary Weapon

  • P226 MK 25 Pistol


  • Nitro – Freezes an area and marks enemies’ footsteps. It can attach to the ceiling, marking the footsteps of enemies that may be above you. It will impair Operator’s movement and will disable all (teams and opponents) gadgets.
  • Proximity Alarm

New Ranked Map – Lair

Competition heats up this season with the new Ranked map Lair. Lair is the base of operations for Deimos, and the map is designed for players to experiment with different playstyles as they navigate its multiple entrances and three floors. Each floor has a distinct mood and the exterior has unique entry points to all three floors. Just as Deimos created this facility to calculate his operations against Rainbow, players can strategize their navigation of Lair for success during matches.

Player Protection

Player protection efforts continue to grow with a Reputation System update, providing more information on what impacts player standing. This season introduces the Grace Period phase where players will be onboarded, learn more about player standing, and give everyone a chance to improve their standing without any penalties before the Reputation System fully launches. This builds on the Commendation System, which allows players to commend each other after a match and rewards players with increased Alpha Pack drop rates. For more information

Balancing – Frag Grenade Update


  • Frags should not be as powerful as Primary Utility
  • Make taking Frags a choice, not a default
  • Increase the availability of Frags.

Final Changes

  • Removed the ability to cook the grenade.
  • Reduced initial fuse time to 4 seconds from 5.
  • Bounce-cooking system = Fuse time reduced after bouncing (Stun Grenade).
  • 2 seconds fuse after bounce.

Frags Distribution

IQ: Frags Added – Will be monitored – The Team understands this combination can be overpowered, but believes they can be incredibly fun. Will watch for feedback.

Lion: Frag Added, Gonne-6 & EMP Removed – The Team understands this combination can be overpowered but believes they can be incredibly fun. Doesn’t see it as being as strong as they are predicting.

Sens: Frags Added. Gonne-6 removed.

Osa: Frags Added. Smokes removed,

Blackbeard: Frags added. EMP removed.

Rainbow Six Seige Marketplace Beta

A marketplace for Rainbow Six Seige is arriving in Year 9, but before it does, the team will be hosting beta testing.

New Onboarding Features

Versus AI Play – Players will soon be able to compete against defender AI operators to learn and practice with friends. The AI is designed to emulate how players play the game, with two difficulty levels, beginner and advanced.

Map Run – This tool allows players to learn maps, focusing on how to navigate the maps. Map training tools will include landmark and target drills. In Landmark Drill, random landmarks will be placed with the goal of finding them. Target Drills will have dummies that you can turn on and off, with the same idea of Landmakr Drill but for a specific target.

Situation and Training Runs (and Terrorist Hunt) are being REMOVED from the game. Ubisoft says it was a very difficult decision, but the team feels the new AI plays and future updates will bring better training that will be closer to how the game plays.

Controller Improvements Part 1

  • Full controller remapping is coming in Y8S4.
  • Stick Deadzone can be set to 0 now.
  • Hip leaning input features coming later this season.

Battle Pass Updates

  • Map will be interactive this season to improve navigation.
  • This is only the first change, with more to come.



  • FIXED – Loadout changes between rounds when an Operator is picked by idling.
  • FIXED – Round ends in a draw if a Volcan Canister is destroyed near a hostage while Goyo is eliminated.
  • FIXED – Zero’s Argus Launcher does not lose sight reticle or laser when deactivated by the Bulletproof Camera EMP.
  • FIXED – Hard Breach Charge can’t be deployed on a small area of the reinforced wall.
  • FIXED – Hostages can set off Lesion’s Gu Mines.
  • FIXED – Basic Tutorial progress can be soft locked in multiple ways.
  • FIXED – Attack Tutorial becomes soft locked if AI destroy the drone.
  • FIXED – Damage falloff and curves do not match description when 2 players are in Custom Game or the Shooting Range.
  • FIXED – Players can’t lean while holding a drone while using controller.
  • FIXED – Players can’t lean function if holding one of several Observation Tools.
  • FIXED – Game crashes when AI revives a teammate.
  • FIXED – Player can’t look around when exiting Rappel.
  • FIXED – Scope sight disappears when in range of Mute’s Signal Disruptor.


  • FIXED – Players get stuck at EXT Street when vaulting over 2F East Corridor barricade after breaking it in the Defense Tutorial.
  • FIXED – Missing texture for pipe assets on the Clubhouse map that can be exploited by Valkyrie or Zero.
  • FIXED – Drones can’t navigate through the EXT Guard Tower opening on the Fortress map during Preparation Phase.
  • FIXED – Players can reach an unintended vantage point in the north-eastern corner of the 1F Staff Room of the Bank.
  • FIXED – Players can vault onto unintended vantage point at 2F Dorm Main Hall of the Oregon map.
  • FIXED – Players can remain stuck in between the bomb and an indestructible coffee machine at B Cafeteria on the Consulate map.
  • FIXED – Players can remain stuck in falling animation between metal pads and the metal rail located in EXT Street of the Attack Tutorial map.
  • FIXED – Players cannot vault over the kitchen counter in 1F Staff Room of the Bank map.
  • FIXED – Ace’s S.E.L.M.A. fails to deploy on the lower destructible wall in 2F Meeting Room of the Consulate map.
  • FIXED – Floating tree during the MVP screen of the Villa map.
  • FIXED – Wrong compass location displayed between 1F East Stairs and 2F East Stairs of the Border map.
  • FIXED – B site bomb isn’t detected from 2F Display Room on the Lair map.
  • FIXED – Lighting issues west of EXT South Dock on the Lair map.
  • FIXED – Valkyrie’s Black Eye can be hidden in lights in B Warehouse of the Lair map.
  • FIXED – Texture clips through wall at 2F Blue Stairs on the Lair map.
  • FIXED – Texture clips through wall at 2F Mezzanine on the Lair map.
  • FIXED – Player is unable to vault onto the desk in 2F R6 Room of the Lair map.
  • FIXED – Players can navigate on to a trash bin for an unfair line of sight through a window in 1F Security Hallway of the Lair map.
  • FIXED – Players can navigate out of bounds by vaulting onto some crates and the cargo container in EXT Lift of the Lair map.
  • FIXED – Attackers don’t detect bomb sight located at 1F Bar or 1F Lounge of the Emerald Plains map unless they are using a drone or using IQ’s Electronics Detector.
  • FIXED – Various collision, asset, and texture issues on maps.


  • FIXED – Holes made by Maverick’s Breaching Torch are hidden if affected by Tubarao’s Zoto Canister.
  • FIXED – Missing VFX for Damaged walls when affected by Tubarao’s Zoto Canister.
  • FIXED – Zero’s Argus Camera can be hidden through destructible map assets.
  • FIXED – Amaru’s Garra Hook launcher losses functionality if player goes prone while deploying the hook.
  • FIXED – Amaru’s Garra Hook can clip through wall.
  • FIXED – Goyo’s Volcan Canister becomes invisible or stuck when a drone is deployed at the same time.
  • FIXED – A Kludge Drone that’s been hacked by a Defender can no longer hack if Dokkaebi takes over Defender Observation Tools.
  • FIXED – Wrong animation plays for Zofia and Tachanka when self-reviving with Thunderbird’s Kona Station
  • FIXED – Clash can fire her weapon before the weapon swap animation finishes.
  • FIXED – Floating wall remains for a few seconds after destroying Sen’s R.O.U. projector during deployment.
  • FIXED – Players that are downed aren’t affected by Sens’ R.O.U. Projector System.
  • FIXED – Valkyrie’s Black Eye losses signal if it’s thrown into the crevices of the ceiling at 1F Main Stairs of the Border map.
  • FIXED – Valkyrie’s Black Eye is losses signal when thrown on to the ceiling at 2F Astronomy of the Villa map.
  • FIXED – Grim’s Kawan Hive is destroyed when shot within Mute’s Signal Disruptor range.
  • FIXED – Wrong animation plays for players affected by Fenrir’s F-NATT Dread Mine while leaning left and running.
  • FIXED – Fenrir’s F-NATT Dread Mine location list appears as placeholder when placed on the outside tower in EXT Back Alley of the Theme Park map.
  • FIXED – Iana can sprint after self-reviving from Frost’s Welcome Mat.
  • FIXED – Kapkan’s Entry Denial Device can be deployed through Azami’s Kiba Barrier.
  • FIXED – CSRX 3000 scope is distorted when affected by Tubarao’s Zoto Canister.
  • FIXED – Tubarao’s Zoto Canister is misplaced during Victory Celebration.
  • FIXED – Missing VFX for drones when Tubaro’s Zoto canister freezing effect ends.
  • FIXED – Wrong VFX plays when using melee attack on destructible objects while affected by Tubarão’s Zoto Canister.
  • FIXED – Ram’s Bu-GI Auto-Breacher idle SFX still plays when affected by Tubarão’s Zoto Canister.
  • FIXED – Smoke explosion VFX are missing for Tubarão’s Zoto Canister.
  • FIXED – If Grim’s Kawan Hive is frozen by Tubarão’s Zoto Canister and destroyed, it still deploys once the freeze effect wears off.
  • FIXED – Players can be permanently affected by Tubarao’s Zoto Canister freeze VFX.
  • FIXED – Players are permanently affected by Tubarao’s Zoto Canister freeze VFX after removing a barricade with the effect.
  • FIXED – Gadgets are not destroyed by electricity after Tubarao’s Zoto Canister effect wears off.
  • FIXED – Devices are affected by Tubarao’s Zoto Canister outside of intended range if the operator is within range of the freeze effect.
  • FIXED – Ela’s Grzmot Mine remains deactivated after Tubarao’s Zoto Canister freeze effect disappears.
  • FIXED – Tubarao’s Zoto Canister freeze VFX doesnt appear on some operators.
  • FIXED – Various animation issues.


  • FIXED – RTS camera rotation is inverted when viewing a match as a spectator.
  • FIXED – Map text and preview loads incorrectly when multiple online Custom Matches load.
  • FIXED – HUD disappears for Defenders when Attackers pick up the hostage.
  • FIXED – Host cannot send invite to spectator if the teams lobby is full.
  • FIXED – Hostage escort prompt is missing if a previous attempt to grab them is canceled halfway through.
  • FIXED – Hip fire crosshair is missing during match replay.
  • FIXED – LEDs on deployed Breach Charge are blue regardless of team color options.
  • FIXED – Some devices and weapons remain on-screen during the Victory screen.
  • FIXED – Aim toggle mode on controller differs from aim toggle mode on PC.
  • FIXED – Controller input doesn’t work for swapping between commendation timelines in the Reputation section.
  • FIXED – Commendation graph bars show up backwards in Reputation section.
  • FIXED – Commendation graph number axis doesn’t scale properly when switching between Lifetime and Season commendations.
  • FIXED – HUD bars for multikill persists for in Spectator mode and Match Replay.
  • FIXED – Double kill notification is missing in Spectator mode and Match Replay.
  • FIXED – Skybox is displayed briefly in Home section when joining or leaving a match.
  • FIXED – Wrong season and background displayed for Tubarao’s showcase in the Operators section.
  • FIXED – Players can only interact with their current commendation in the Reputation section.
  • FIXED – Bulletproof Camera icon is displayed on the player’s HUD after being affected by Clash’s CCE Shield.
  • FIXED – Lair background image is missing in custom lobbies.
  • FIXED – Various audio issues.
  • FIXED – Various UI issues.
  • FIXED – Various spectator mode issues.


  • FIXED – SFX for Nomad’s Airjab isn’t interrupted when affected by Tubarao’s Zoto Canister freeze effect.

[Source – Rainbow Six Siege Patch Notes Via Ubisoft]