Rainbow Six Vegas 2 preorder special

It seems publishers are pushing the preorder concept more and more these days.  Everytime we go into our local retailer that takes these types of orders, there seems to be something new to go along with them.  They usually range from concept art books to DVDs or even potentially an early demo of the game.  Ubisoft isn’t going to be any different and plans to release a sweet little package for those willing to preorder their upcoming title, Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

As you can see above, the preorder will get you a nice metal tin which will be host to two postcards signed by the game’s developers, two exclusive weapon codes on the insert to the left, and a bonus DVD.  This is obviously a great deal for the usual price of a $5 preorder, especially if you’re a collector.  This special isn’t available at all retailers, so make sure to inquire before doing so.