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Ransomware Group Claims It Has ‘Compromised All Sony Systems,’ Plans To Sell Stolen Data

Sony Group has reportedly been compromised by ransomware group Ransomed.vic, which claims to have “compromised all Sony systems” and is planning on selling the stolen data.

According to Cyber Security Connect, the group, which is relatively new to the scene having appeared only last month, has already “racked up an impressive amount of victims.” In addition, it states that the attackers posted some proof-of-hack data, but this is “not particularly compelling information on the face of things.”

This includes screenshots allegedly of an internal log-in page, an internal PowerPoint presentation, numerous Java files, and a file tree of the leak which contains fewer than 6,000 files. Members of Ransomed.vic are believed to operate largely out of Ukraine and Russia.

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We have successfully compromissed [sic] all of sony systems,. We won’t ransom them! We will sell the data. Due to Sony not wanting to pay. DATA IS FOR SALE.

The group’s claims remain unverified at the time of writing, but we’ll keep you in the loop if any more info becomes available.

[Source – VGC]