Ready at Dawn confirms ‘exciting’ new games, could The Order: 1886 get a sequel?

Ready at Dawn, the creator behind the PlayStation 4-exclusive The Order: 1886, has confirmed that the developer is gearing up for multiple new projects and will begin hiring new staff next month.

Writing on Twitter (via wccftech), Ready at Dawn’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Andrea Pessino, confirmed that the California-based developer is planning a number of ‘exciting’ new titles, although wouldn’t go into any further details on the subject. Could we possibly see a sequel to The Order: 1886? It’s not entirely impossible, as reports from earlier this year have indicated that Ready at Dawn is already formulating ideas for a follow-up.

While keeping mum on any details regarding the new projects, Pessino did confirm that his company will begin hiring for new staff nearer the Christmas holiday period. It’s also clear that whatever Ready at Dawn is working on has proved quite an enjoyable experience for Pessino and his team.

The Order: 1886 was released in February and proved critically polarizing to say the least, with many praising the game’s impressive visuals but coming down hard on its linearity, use of QTEs, and lack of multiplayer. Be sure to read our full verdict on The Order: 1886 to see if it’s worth your hard-earned cash. Despite lukewarm reviews, the game managed to top the U.K. All Format Chart and proved quite a commercial success for format holder Sony. The Order: 1886 attracted comments from a number of top developers including David Jaffe and Cliff Bleszinski, the latter who described Ready at Dawn’s game as ‘f***ing gorgeous.’

Did you enjoy The Order: 1886? Would you like to see a sequel to the game, or do you prefer that Ready at Dawn tries its hand at something new? Let us know in the comments section below.