Rebirth of Turok

Comic book inspired dinosaur hunter, Turok, made a name for himself in the gaming world via Acclaim Entertainment a few gaming generations ago on the N64.

When the exclusivity broke and it made its way across to other consoles, but unfortunately the quality had dipped as was the trend with most Acclaim games before their closure in 2004. This seemingly closed the door for some future great revival for the series.

In 2005, Buena Vista Games picked up the license, and now the sequel title has been confirmed, aptly titled “Turok Rebirth”. Hopefully we’ll see the series returning to the long forgotten former glory it once had.

Propaganda Games are developing the upcoming Xbox 360 and PS3 title on the Unreal Engine 3. Graphically it is looking gorgeous and play is becoming more sophisticated than the dinosaur blasting antics you might be expecting; of course that remains in tact, but there is an element of stealth and survival involved in addition to this.

Early media reveals human enemies in full black ops gear, which according to early play tests, if not dispatched silently are ready to sound the alarm which make the later mission based play all the harder.

Combining missions and survival with a lot more added depth from multiple functions of weapons, it looks like this rebirth of the Turok series is something to look forward to, taking a leaf out of Metal Gear Solid 3’s book… only with dinosaurs thrown in.

Turok Rebirth is presently scheduled to emerge from the jungle in a Q1 2008 release.