Red Dead Redemption 2 screenshot: real or fake?

red dead redemption 2 screenshot

A screenshot purported to be from Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 has leaked online.

Originating on the GTA forums, there’s no official source of the shot, which features a scene from the Wild West complete with horses, cowboys and a general store.

There’s ton of speculation as to whether it’s real, or whether it is even from Red Dead Redemption 2. With rumors that Far Cry 5 is also heading to the Wild West it’s not out of the question that this is from Ubisoft’s upcoming game.

Other people are convinced it’s fake, with some claiming that it’s definitely photo-shopped and some of the assets look familiar.

What do you think? A real Red Dead Redemption 2 screenshot, something from Far Cry 5, or just some clever person who loves to wind us all up?

With Red Dead Redemption 2 due for release later this year, we’re just waiting for Rockstar to spill the beans totally on its highly-anticipated open-world adventure. What we do know is that we can expect an emotional storyline, and that online multiplayer will be a major focus. Other rumors include the fact that they’ll likely be more than one playable character.