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Red Dead Redemption 2: Tapping X To Sprint Can’t Be The Only Option

One of the game mechanics in the original Red Dead Redemption that many players weren’t too keen on was having to tap X to sprint.

With a handful of Red Dead Redemption 2 previews hitting the web, at first glance it appeared as though the same mechanic was back to haunt those disgruntled gamers – some of which we’ve seen claim won’t be buying the next game in the series if that’s the case.

First confirmed by The Telegraph, who stated that “Arthur feels every inch the muscular cowboy he is, hunkering down and picking up speed with Rockstar’s trademark ‘tap X to sprint’,”other gaming sites also made mention of tapping X to sprint in previews.

However, we presume that Rockstar will give gamers the same option that’s available in GTA V. Via the GTA V settings menu, ‘X’ to sprint was the default option, but you could switch it to “Alternate FPS” and sprint with the left analogue stick.

So, we think you can pre-order without worrying to much that you’ll be having to mash ‘X’ throughout your Wild West adventure!

One of the most interesting snippets of information to come from the Red Dead Redemption 2 previews was that the map will be bigger than GTA V. One guy says that Rockstar told him it will feature every single area from the original game as well as the expansive new area.

Oh, and horse testicles get bigger and smaller depending on the weather.