Red Dead Redemption was labelled a ‘disaster,’ says Rockstar

The vice president of Rockstar Games has revealed that the industry giant was warned Red Dead Redemption would be a ‘disaster’ ahead of its May 2010 launch.

Speaking to Game Informer on the subject of Grand Theft Auto V, Dan Houser also touched base briefly on the critically-acclaimed westerner.

“We love Niko and felt he was a very strong lead protagonist for a game, and we were starting to get into John Marston,” he said.

“We were still being told a western was going to be a disaster, but we thought we were going [to] make something interesting with a strong character that you started to fall in love with.”

Red Dead Redemption, of course, went on to prove a massive commercial success for Rockstar, selling 13 million copies as of February 2012 and achieving rave reviews from critics.

A sequel has been rumored for a while now though nothing has ever been confirmed. Stay tuned to for more details.