Red Faction: Guerrilla to look identical on PS3/360

During a post E3 event in London recently concerning Volition’s upcoming Red Faction: Guerrilla, Associate Producer Ismael Vicens spoke with in regards to how the title looks visually identical on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

"At E3 we showed the PS3 build and to be honest if you didn’t look at the controller that was in the hands of the person demoing it you would not be able to tell the difference," said Vicens. "They’re completely on parity with each other right now. Feature for feature they’re identical. Visually they’re pretty much identical."

However, Vicens conceded that the team initially had some concerns in regards to working with Sony’s flagship gaming console, though they ultimately proved to be short lived:

"Initially when we got the PS3 and we started working on that we thought it was going to be, oh my gosh! But we got some really talented programmers that basically ported over the game in a fairly short amount of time," he said.

Here is some multiplayer beta footage of Red Faction: Guerrilla Min action: