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Relic Entertainment Will Be Independently Run Following SEGA Sale Thanks To External Investor

On Thursday, it was revealed that Company Of Heroes 3 developer Relic Entertainment was sold by its now former parent company SEGA, as part of a restructuring in which SEGA also laid off hundreds of employees across multiple divisions.

Shortly after the news of that sale, Relic Entertainment confirmed that thanks to the support of an external investor, the studio will be independently run moving forward.

Relic also confirmed it’ll continue to support its titles, specifically calling out Company Of Heroes 3 and its coming update.

“We have an important announcement for our players and fans. With an external investor, Relic Entertainment will become an independently-run development studio,” Relic began in a statement posted to the studio’s official Twitter page.

“This is a huge change for us, but one thing does not change: we want to create amazing experiences for our players.

To our fans, we want to assure you we will continue to support our titles, including Company Of Heroes 3 – we are looking forward to the 1.6 Update in April, loaded with new content and features requested by our community.

We want to thank SEGA, whose support over the years and guidance during this transition have been instrumental to our success. We may be out of the SEGA business, but we remain friends and colleagues.

We are excited about this next chapter for Relic, and we hope you will all join us in creating new experiences for our fans worldwide.”

As unfortunate as it is to see layoffs at Creative Assembly and others, this is hopefully a silver lining in that at least for those at Relic, this seems to be the beginning of a new chapter.

Source – [Relic Entertainment]