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Remedy Says Sony Was ‘A Bit More Ready’ For Next-Gen Than Rival Microsoft

Control developer Remedy has revealed that Sony was ‘a bit more ready’ for the next-generation of consoles than Microsoft, meaning it was slightly easier to get its games up and running on the PS5 than Xbox Series X/S.

Chatting on Nex-Gen Console Watch, Remedy’s Thomas Puha explained that Microsoft changed up a few things for its new console, whereas Sony stuck in more familiar territory.

Sony stuck what worked, their development software and tools were pretty stable and good pretty early on. Microsoft opted to change quite a lot of things, which in the long run are probably good, but of course it was just a bigger hurdle for us devs early on because we had to rewrite a bunch of different things to take advantage of specific features.

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Control Ultimate Edition is now available for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, taking an already brilliant game and further enhancing it for new hardware. You can see what we thought of it in our full verdict here.

[Source – IGN]