Report: Agents of Mayhem studio Volition hit with significant layoffs

agents of mayhem sales

While publisher Deep Silver hasn’t revealed the Agents of Mayhem sales numbers, it apparently didn’t pan out as well as the company might have hoped as Volition, the studio behind Agents of Mayhem, has reportedly been hit with layoffs.

According to Kotaku’s sources, over 30 people have been laid off the studio, which includes General Manager Dan Cermak. Volition is said to house around 200 employees, which means over 10 percent of the work force has been laid off. Apparently, Deep Silver was not happy with Agents of Mayhem’s sales, though the publisher hasn’t replied when asked to comment on the reported redundancies.

Volition was founded in 1996 and was acquired by now-defunct THQ back in 2000. It was acquired by Deep Silver along with the Saint’s Row franchise back in 2013 after THQ auctioned off its assets which included the studio and the franchise. 

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We wish everyone the best over at Volition, and hope the people that got laid off can find new jobs soon.