Report: Famitsu teasing 10 new game reveals for next week’s issue

unannounced ps4 games

Could more Sony game reveals be happening? It sure seems that way as Japanese gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu is said to be revealing not one, not two, but 10 "scoops of new game reveals" that will stretch from new IPs, to popular game series sequels. 

This was revealed by Japanese website ryokutya, which was then translated by Twitter user "BlackKite"

In case you couldn’t read it, the tweet states, "Famitsu is teasing next week’s issue will have 10 scoops of new game reveals, from new IPs to popular series sequels."

Bear in mind, this doesn’t say that there will be 10 new PlayStation-related game announcements, but just 10 "scoops." This could be a mix of mobile games, Nintendo Switch titles (logical given that a new Nintendo Direct is set for next week), and more. That said, with this year’s Tokyo Game Show set to start next week, which is obviously no coincidence, then there’s bound to be a PS4 announcement or two that should please the PlayStation fanbase –at least one can hope.

Speaking Famitsu, the readers voted on their best game of all-time, and you’ll never guess which game won (no, really). 

Are you boarding the hype train for these game announcements? Or will most of them be for other platforms and/or be so quirky that they won’t interest anyone outside Japan?

Source: NeoGAF