Report: Prey 2 now in development at Arkane Studios

Development of Prey 2 is now being handled by Arkane Studios, reports Kotaku.

The elusive sequel was originally in the works at Human Head, though publisher Bethesda has now shifted development duties over to Arkane’s Austin-based studio, who worked on last year’s highly acclaimed stealth-action title, Dishonored.

According to the Kotaku report, Prey 2 will now be released in 2016, presumably on next-generation platforms.

Elsewhere, Alien Noire claims that not only is Arkane developing Prey 2, but it is starting completely from scratch, hence why it’s not out for another three years. The company’s Lyon, France studio is also allegedly working on a new Dishonored title.

Prey 2 was unveiled in 2011 before going quiet amidst rumors of its cancellation, though Bethesda has always remained tight-lipped on its status.

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