Report: Project Cars studio working on Fast & Furious games

fast and furious ps4

Slightly Mad Studios, the dev team behind Bandai Namco’s super successful Project Cars franchise, might just be working on a Fast & Furious game.  Scratch that, it’s not a "maybe" but something more concrete than that since the hints given are just super short of the project being confirmed.

YouTuber SpotTheOzzie was streaming himself playing Project Cars 2 when he was joined by Slightly Mad Studios’ CEO, Ian Bell. Interestingly, Bell didn’t shy from answering questions, which is usually screened by PR reps. Talking about the studio’s next project, Bell kind of slightly went too far with the hints.

"Guess what the latest Need for Speed game is doing, and have a think about which Hollywood film they’re copying. And then I can tell you we have a six year deal with that major Hollywood company that’ll beat what Need for Speed is doing. For the next six years."

Is that hint too obscure? Not in your face enough? Further on in the game stream Bell added:

"If you look at me, I’m a bald guy and I work out a bit, that’s a clue."

Obviously, Bell is alluding to the Fast & Furious’ star, Vin Diesel. You can watch the Q&A in the video below (around the 2:03:00 mark).

This isn’t the first time the film franchise was made into a game, but this might be the first good one given Slightly Mad Studios’ pedigree. 

You can check out our Project Cars 2 review to see whether it hits a speed bump or finishes first. 

Let’s hope an official announcement is due soon.

Source: Eurogamer