Report: Skyrim VR impressions so far are not good, one calls it a "dumpster fire"

skyrim vr review

Just this June, Bethesda revealed that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be getting the full-fledged VR treatment and will be called "Skyrim VR," with the game also set to hit Sony’s PlayStation VR platform. While we haven’t seen much of the game, it seems there’s a very good reason for that.

According to various gamers who attended the recently concluded Quakecon where Bethesda demoed Skyrim VR, the port is not looking hot, with a handful of impressions from various people not overly fond of what they played — with one even calling it a "dumpster fire" of a VR port.

George Weidman of YouTube channel Super Bunnhop had this to share on social media: 

Weidman adds, "The movement is all wrong. Handled via teleporter. You blink in and out of existence. A relaxing immersive walk through Skyrim is impossible … The combat is all wrong. Handled via a waggling sword and an unlimited point-and-forget flamethrower. Enemy AI not adjusted for new controls … Adding insult to injury, it looks like they had to lower all the settings to "garbage mode" to get it working in VR."

Another YouTuber, this one goes by the name of "DreamcastGuy" posted his thoughts in a seven-minute video which was also not flattering for Skyrim VR.

DreamcastGuy (Max Shockely) also shares that while you getting ganged up in the wilderness when playing Skyrim (non-VR version), that’s not the case with the port; every single enemy was fought one-on-one and was "super, super simplified," and added the world was "basically empty."

Of course, this wouldn’t be that big of an issue if this was a free download for existing Skyrim owners, but remember: Bethesda is charging a full $59.99 for this port, so impressions like these are a little bit harder to swallow if you’re interested in getting it. Of course, these are but a handfulf hands-on previews of the unfinished game, so things could change by the time it’s released this November 17, right?

Are you looking forward to Skyrim VR? Are you surprised at all by the negative impressions so far or not really given how quiet Bethesda has been with the port?

Source: Kotaku AU