Research indicates Dust 514 set to become a ‘big hit,’ says Sony

Sony believes that CCP’s PlayStation exclusive free-to-play MMO shooter Dust 514 has the potential to become a ‘big hit’ on PS3.

Speaking with Gamespot, PlayStation’s director of hardware marketing John Koller responded to a question about whether Sony is testing gamer’s interest in free-to-play console games by bundling the game and DLC with the upcoming release of the new PS3 Super Slim.

Koller said: “I wouldn’t clarify it as a test. Although I would say that it is going to be interesting to watch the adoption rate. I won’t say it’s a test, because a lot of our research is pointing to Dust 514 is already set to become a big hit.’

Earlier on the interview, Koller also explains why Sony decided to bundle the game with the PS3 ‘Super Slim’ and Uncharted 3.

“We wanted to provide some diversity. You have one frontline title [Uncharted 3] that clearly is one of the top games in the industry, and then you have one that is maybe a little different. It’s free-to-play, and it’ll be interesting to see adoption there. We received a lot of interest from our consumers about [Dust 514], so we know that there is going to be a fairly large base for it. It’ll be a good model for us to see how those types of games do,” he says.

“Our theory is that it will do very well. We think over the next few years not only some of the frontline and new IP, but also the indie titles are set for a significant amount of growth, and we think Dust 514 is probably going to be one of those. And we thought including that would provide a really nice value, and we threw in the extra DLC to get that consumer jumpstarted."

Approximately $30 worth of DLC will be dished out to those who buy a PS3 ‘Super Slim,’ which launches on Friday, September 28. For more information on Dust 514, check out our dedicated Dust forum, or read our Dust preview article to find out what it’s all about.