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Resident Evil 2 Remake Credited By Nightdive Studios For Revitalising Horror Games

The CEO of System Shock Remake developer Nightdive Studios has credited Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake for giving horror games a much-needed shot in the arm.

Speaking with VGC, Stephen Kick suggested that Resident Evil 2 Remake’s success is the reason why we’re getting a Dead Space Remake, and a general resurgence in the sci-fi horror genre as a whole.

I’m a really big fan of Dead Space, so I was psyched to see they’re remaking the first one. Callisto Protocol looks amazing, and of course we’ve got System Shock and like you say, they’re coalescing around the same time.

I’m very happy to see it. Sci-fi horror is probably my favourite genre, so I’m always looking out for stuff like that, but I couldn’t tell you why right now, more than ever, we’re seeing kind of an influx in that. Maybe people are just getting tired of fantasy.

It’s like an ebb and flow, right? You’ve got your World of Warcrafts and your Everquests in the 2000s, and then it kind of moved towards sci-fi, and then went back to fantasy, and now we’re back to sci-fi again. You’d have to kind of look at the history.

But the thing that really surprises me is that traditionally horror sci-fi games didn’t sell that well, but I think with the advent of some of the more recent remasters, specifically the Resident Evil games, there’s been a huge influx in people just wanting to play horror.

Resident Evil 2 did such a wonderful job, they really set the bar of what a remake should be, and it sold incredibly well. And I think that had to have been a major factor in why we’re seeing Dead Space being remade. I mean, Dead Space was a response to Resident Evil 4 when that first came out, so history is repeating itself.

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In the same interview, Kick offered an explanation as to the difference between and a remaster and a remake. The System Shock Remake is in development for PS4, PC and Xbox One and is currently without a release date.