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Resident Evil 2 Trophy Guide: Master of Unlocking – How To Open All 8 locks


he Resident Evil 2 remake has quite a few hidden items and secrets to uncover including the locations of all 8 locks, which help you achieve the Master of Unlocking trophy/achievement. These are located at random points in the game.

What’s nice is that there really are only eight of these locks. So, popping the Master of Unlocking Trophy is relatively easy to do. This is technically a missable Trophy, however, since the locks in the early part of the game are no longer accessible after a certain point. So, make sure you get them opened before you move too far.

For your convenience, we put together this Trophy guide to make unlocking Master of Unlocking much easier.

Locks #1 and #2 – West Office

These two locks are located on the end of the island of desks in the center of the room. The combinations require you to track the first letter of each name on the desks that line the island. On each side has three names, and the first initial from each side goes into the lock on the corresponding side. The left lock is NED, and the right lock is MRG.

Lock #3 – West Office – 1F


So, the first safe you encounter is found in the West Office on the first floor. Finding the combination naturally takes a little while, as the solution is found in the S.T.A.R.S. Office. The solution is located on a document called Internal Memo, found on a shelf behind the desk. Then take that code to the safe in West Office, and you receive your first inventory upgrade.

Lock #4 – Shower Room


If you’re anything like me, you’ll try to solve these locks by trial and error (Yep, I’m that guy). Since the solution doesn’t appear for a while, I’m kind of glad I did. However, the solution is found on a whiteboard in the small room just south of the Operations Room. In order to get there, you need the Cutters, and you won’t have those for a little while.


Lock #5 – Police Station 3F Hallway

Oh yeah, we had to develop film in the ’90s…

Unfortunately, this solution is rather cumbersome than some of the rest. In order to find it, you must find the second reel of film and take it to the Dark Room to develop it. Really, that’s a lot of running around for just some ammo. For the sake of convenience, I have provided the solution.


Lock #6 – Waiting Room – 2F


This safe is located on the second floor behind the counter in the Waiting Room. In order to find the code in-game, you must use the S.T.A.R.S. Badge to open the Weapons Locker. There, you find the Confiscation Report with the combination to the Waiting Room Safe.

Lock #7 – Control Room

This jazz event holds a secret lock combination.

The solution for the Control Room lock is not too far away from the lock itself. However, it is not a straight line, as a few events lie between finding the solution and reaching the lock again. The document you’re looking for is called the Jazz Festival Flyer. Three letters are conveniently circled. Reading them from top to bottom is the lock combination.

Lock #8 – Treatment Pool

Security needs to get a little better in this place.

The Treatment Pool safe is nice and easy, but the combination is right under your nose. So, go to the side of the safe, and there you find the combination.

Getting all of these unlocks the Master of Unlocking Trophy! This gets you one step closer to that Resident Evil 2 Platinum Trophy. For help with finding collectibles and other tips, check out the Resident Evil 2 Remake guide.