Resident Evil 6: 3 tips to survive the horror

So, you’ve picked up Resident Evil 6, the latest instalment in Capcom’s multi-million dollar selling horror franchise, and you’re just getting to grips with things. For the most part things are quite familiar in terms of core mechanics; the next logical extension of Resident Evil 5, if you like. However, what changes are here do make quite a difference to how you’ll be blasting the Shambling Hordes of Hades and assorted mutated monstrosities. As such, we thought we’d compile a quick list of handy tips on how to make your B.O.W. bashing that much more tolerable – and ultimately save you from becoming an undead’s late night feast.

With that said, here’s our 3 tips to survive the horror.

Make Headhots Count and Get Physical

Resident Evil veterans know what it’s like to be scrounging around for ammo, and Resident Evil 6 harkens back to those trouble times of depleted essentials. Unlike the past few games, ammo in RE6 isn’t in copious supply, meaning you’ll have to be ever mindful on how many times you utilize your guns. Conserving ammunition is paramount to your survival, so make sure you take your shots carefully and aim for an enemy’s head to inflict the most damage. In addition, melee attacks can be your best friend in helping you preserve precious bullets; use it whenever you can, especially against lone/small groups of adversaries – it’s more effective than you may have initially perceived. With a partner in tow, you can quickly decimate a small group of zombies or J’avo with a fury of fists and feet without too much trouble. Be smart: save those Magnum and Shotgun rounds for the big bosses.

Dive & Roll Is Your Best Friend

Leon, Chris and Jake are probably the most nimble protagonists the Resident Evil series has ever seen, boasting a wide array of new skills to aid them in battle. Chief among these is the ability to perform evasive dives and rolls, which you can use to great effect in combating your enemies. If you’re faced with a group of gun-toting baddies or pack of zombies, then simply dive out of harm’s way, roll into position on the floor and take pot shots at your foes before moving to a new location. We employed this tactic a lot during our time with the game and it really saved our bacon on many occasions, and proved far more effective than taking cover (since taking cover is sadly fundamentally flawed in RE6). Zombies will have trouble getting a lock on you if you are busy moving about the place (a backwards dive is great for avoiding an acid-spit or attempted bite), while J’avo armed with firearms won’t be able to get a good lock on you if you keep on the move.

Be Smart With Skill Points

Each character in RE6, while united by an overarching narrative, has a distinct flavour to their campaign that you would do well to familiarise yourself with. Leon faces off against zombies primarily, so equipping Skill Points that raise your combat effectiveness against the rotting fiends should be first on your list. Chris on the other hand is knee-deep in gun-toting J’avo, so applying some skills that pertain to these foes will see you through. Finally, Jake likes to use his fists in combat (one of his standard weapons is his martial arts technique) so you’ll probably want to invest in something to boost your Physical Gauge or allow you to do more damage with melee attacks. Admittedly, Skill Points don’t really take shape until you have upgraded them significantly, but stick with them and you’ll find they really give you that extra punch on the battlefield.