Resident Evil 7 Daughters guide – how to get the good and bad endings

resident evil 7 daughters alternate endings

Resident Evil 7: biohazard received its second chunk of downloadable content this week in the shape of Banned Footage Vol.2. Outside of the new ‘21’ and ‘Jack’s 55th Birthday’ modes, players can tuck into a new story-based offering known as Daughters, which offers a tantalizing glimpse at the Baker family prior to the events of the main campaign. Here, you’ll be able to witness just how the brown stuff hit the fan, and how the Bakers became the mass-murdering hillbillies that Ethan Winters has to face in Resident Evil 7’s story.Pleasingly, there’s not one, but two endings to unlock in Daughters, and we’ve cobbled together a handy guide on how to gain access to both. Note that this Resident Evil 7 Daughters guide contains spoilers for those who haven’t played Daughters, so you’ve been warned.

Resident Evil 7 Daughters DLC – how to unlock both endings

The Bad Ending

First up, head to the laundry room and collect a change of clothes for Eveline. Take them to her in the kid’s room, and then go downstairs to the dining area and spy Lucas lying on the floor. Next, head upstairs and go into the bathroom and speak to Marguerite; Jack will enter and request that you get some rope, so head downstairs into the garage and acquire this item for the shelf. Return back upstairs to the bathroom, and once the cutscene has finished, run to the recreation room and close the door and secure it with the rope. 

Once this is done, go into the side room and grab the fork from the table and use it to pry the nails off the board that is blocking the window, allowing you to jump through. Walk along the veranda and pull the board at the end of this area to access the next area and go through the door to the main hall. You’ll then have to quietly bypass a prowling Marguerite and unlock the double doors that lead back into the main house’s hallway. After this you’ll acquire the car key; run down the hallway past Jack into the laundry room once again, and hop into the crawl space. 

You’ll emerge in the pantry, so sneak through the kitchen and dining area, past Jack again, and go down into the garage. Go to the parked car and hit X to interact with it and get in. This will unlock the bad ending. 

The Good Ending

First of all, approach Lucas, who is sitting at the dining room table, and look over his shoulder to get his password from his phone – it’s 1019. Head to the pantry and go down into the crawl space and pick up the lock pick from the debris, then head into the laundry room and grab the change of clothes, but don’t bring them to Eveline just yet. Instead, head into the bathroom upstairs and unlock the drawer with the lock pick to obtain the small component item. Go to the kid’s room and use this item with the trophy on the right side of the room as you enter. Once you’ve done this, go into the attic via the ladder and enter the password you obtained earlier to access the laptop and Lucas’ list. 

Head back down into the kid’s room and give the clothes to Eveline, and then go downstairs into the dining room to find Lucas sprawled on the floor. Go back upstairs into the bathroom to find Marguerite, and then go to the garage to grab the rope as per Jack’s instructions. Head back to the bathroom and once the cutscene is over run to the recreation room, shut the door, and secure it with the rope. As with the bad ending guide, grab the fork from the side room and use it to access the blocked window and head outside onto the veranda. Walk to the end, squeeze through the gap, and nab the dog head relief from inside the red box. 

Next, go back through the gap and pull the board way from the wall and then go through the door to the main hall as with the previous walkthrough. Instead of sneaking past Marguerite into the hallway, use the dog head relief to unlock the front door and head into the yard. Once there, go to the trailer and you’ll find Mia Winters unconscious on the floor; read the note on the table in front of her, then interact with the item she’s holding. 

Congratulations, you’ve unlocked the Good Ending!

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