Resident Evil 7 gains a new fan in Shinji Mikami


Tango Gameworks’ Shinji Mikami has heaped praised on Resident Evil 7: biohazard, describing the survival horror romp as ‘enormously fun.’

Speaking during an interview with GameSpot, the former Capcom developer, who spearheaded the survival horror genre with the original Resident Evil back in 1996, shared his thoughts on the game and horror titles in general while promoting the upcoming The Evil Within 2.

As far as the Survival Horror genre goes, it started in the old days with games that did have action-focused elements. Placing you in situations where you have to escape enemies while figuring out ways to overcome him.” 

“Those elements are mainstays of the genre to this day. However, we definitely have seen a number of games that are going back to simpler and more pure horror-oriented games. As for Resident Evil 7, I played the VR version of the game, and it was enormously exciting and fun.

Mikami-san’s comments come shortly after he expressed interest in directing Resident Evil 8 if given the chance. The game is currently in the early planning stages at Capcom alongside the in-development Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Resident Evil 7 was released to critical acclaim back in January 2017 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Despite rave reviews, the game has so far failed to meet Capcom’s sales expectations, though the publisher is confident it will perform strongly over time. 

The game has seen two major DLC packs released to date in the shape of Banned Footage Vol.1 and 2, with a third still due for release as part of the Season Pass. 

However, the planned free expansion Not a Hero has been delayed to an unspecified window later this year. 

Meanwhile, Mikami-san’s upcoming The Evil Within 2 is scheduled to ship for PS4, PC, and Xbox One in October 2017.