Resident Evil 7 is going to ‘blow our minds’

The next major chapter in the Resident Evil franchise will ‘blow our minds,’ according to Michiteru Okabe, the producer behind this year’s Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

Speaking to this week, Okabe made it clear he didn’t have a clue as to what the next game will be like, but was confident it’s in the right hands nonetheless.

"Unfortunately we work on Revelations and that’s kind of it," said Okabe. 

"We don’t really have a window into whatever else is going on. That would be a separate team and whatever that team is doing we’re confident that those guys are going to do something that’s going to blow our minds.

"We can’t wait to basically be there with you guys to find out whatever the heck that is."

Resident Evil 7 hasn’t been officially announced by Capcom as of yet, though that hasn’t stopped rumors of the game from gathering pace, particularly after the title was outed on a costume designer’s LinkedIn profile.

Furthermore, Capcom seems to be getting back into the survival horror mood as of late, with the HD revival of Resident Evil remake bringing back the old-school charm the franchise has left behind in recent entries.

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