Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X PS4 release sneaks onto PS Store next week


Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X will stealth launch on PS4 next week, according to a Tweet from Gematsu.

The survival horror title was outed for a release on Sony’s current-generation home console back in March after it appeared on a German ratings board. However, Capcom has yet to actually announce the game for a PS4 release, so we can assume it’s nothing more than a simple port with no additional features. The game is due to arrive starting May 9 via the PlayStation Store.

Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X PS4 surprise release

CODE: Veronica X will form part of next week’s PS4 and PS Vita lineup regardless, although right now it hasn’t been confirmed if it’s an updated version of the PS3 HD release or a straight port of the original PS2 release as part of the Classics range. Either way, it’s another step in Capcom’s plans to have the entire franchise readily playable on the PS4.

Originally released on the Dreamcast in 2000, Resident Evil CODE: Veronica was later ported to the PS2 for the series’ fifth anniversary with the ‘X’ moniker added to the title, which featured additional cutscenes and other content. This version of the game also made its way to the GameCube in 2003 and was ported to PS3 and Xbox 360 with improved visuals and real-time shadows in 2011. 

Unlike the previous games up to that point, CODE: Veronica X eschewed the pre-rendered backgrounds in favor of fully 3D environments, allowing for the camera to follow protagonists Claire Redfield and Chris Redfield as opposed to being fixed in place. The game also dabbled in first-person view for the unlockable Battle Game and sniper rifle weapon, though did little else to innovate the Resi template at the time.

Set in December 1998, CODE: Veronica X follows Claire as she is captured by Umbrella and imprisoned on Rockfort Island, which quickly becomes infested with zombies and other bio-weapons following a viral outbreak. The game also reunites players with her brother Chris, a former member of S.T.A.R.S. and hero of the original Resident Evil game, as he attempts to rescue his sibling from Umbrella’s clutches.