Resident Evil: Revelations DLC includes Lady Hunk, Rachael Ooze

Resident Evil: Revelations will receive a slew of downloadable content in the coming weeks, Capcom has revealed.

Kicking off in early June, the Survival Horror romp will benefit from three content drops in as many weeks. First up on June 4 are the Resistance and Enhancement packs, which act as weapons upgrade kits for the sum of $1.99.

June 11 sees playable characters Rachael Ooze and Lady Hunk up for grabs for $2.99 each.

Rounding out the DLC drop will be the previously-exclusive pre-order weapons, which will become available on June 18 for $0.99.

Resident Evil: Revelations infects stores across the U.S. today and arrives in Europe on Friday. Read our review here.