Resident Evil: Revelations HD to match sales of Lost Planet 3, says Capcom

Capcom has forecast global sales of 1.3 million units for upcoming horror sequels Resident Evil: Revelations and Lost Planet 3.

The figure is expected to be met by the end of the company’s FY14, which ends on March 31, 2014.

Revelations is an enhanced, high-definition port of the original 3DS title and features extra content, including a new enemy and playable character in the online-based Raid Mode. The game is due out later this month for PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

Lost Planet 3 meanwhile is a brand new effort currently in development at Spark Unlimited, and takes the series into a more narrative-driven focus, featuring larger environments, side quests and chatty NPCs. It hits shelves on August 27 in the U.S. and August 30 in Europe.

It’s somewhat interesting that Capcom expects a port of a 12+ month old title to perform on par with a brand new title in one of its flagship titles. However, as a brand, Resident Evil certainly has a lot of pulling power.

Resident Evil 6, the company’s last major Resident Evil title, is noted to have failed to meet sales expectations, despite having moved 4.9 million copies worldwide.

Stay tuned for our review of RE: Revelations in the coming weeks.

via Siliconera