Resident Evil Village Survival Tips

resident evil village

Are you a video game fan but want to try something new? There are many choices online for different games. You may want to check boardgame arena and play boardgames online, or visit one of the many Casino Sites available. If you want to stick to the classic video gaming we’re going to talk about the game everyone is talking about: Resident Evil Village and we are going to give you the best advice to actually survive in the game. These tips from Resident Evil Village will help you out when you’re ready to start exploring the spooky mountain town. We have listed some useful Resident Evil Village tips here to help you along the way.

  1. Areas that have been fully explored turn blue on the map

This is one of the most helpful tips for Resident Evil Village. The first time you enter a building or a single room, the area is shown in red on the map. That means there are things to discover in this place that can range from a hidden secret to extra ammunition. When there is nothing left to discover, the area turns blue, and you know you can go ahead without missing out. Remember that some secrets can only be revealed later in the game. So if there’s something you can’t open yet or interact with, the map will stay red, and you’ll have to come back later.

  1. Yellow things are generally fragile, usable, or useful

You may have already figured this out, but wooden barrels and chests with yellow tape are fragile to get the valuables inside. A little less noticeable is the yellow tape on locks, fountains, wooden beams, and even yellow cables that run across floors and roofs. They can also indicate that the object is fragile, can be used in other ways, or just lead to something you need to find. If at any point you get stuck, look around and see if something yellow could help you!

  1. Don’t start immediately pursuing a new goal

Don’t be too eager to keep going in Resident Evil Village. Before pursuing this new destination, a great tip for Resident Evil Village is to take the time to re-explore and revisit areas that you have already discovered. You may have a key or tool that will open a new area for valuable supplies or equipment. You should know that leaving some key areas can result in your not always being able to come back. So before you go anywhere else, take a close look at the map and its key elements. You may want to revisit the red areas or check that the new key you received fits on the one door that you couldn’t open before.

  1. Shoot the glitter to get crystals

When you arrive in the village, you’ll find tiny twinkles popping up here and there if you look closely. Use your pistol (more valuable ammo is a waste) to shoot them down and they will drop crystal fragments, large crystals, or other types of gems like vivianite or quartz. You can sell them to the dealer named Duke to get a good supply of the in-game currency, lei. A note: the first is on the statue of the Virgin of War.

  1. Buy inventory space and bullet recipes from the Duke first

There’s nothing more annoying than finding great supplies but not having the inventory to take with you. Since you cannot drop weapons or ammo, it is even more difficult to manage an un-updated inventory in Resident Evil Village. One of the first Resident Evil Village tips to follow is to purchase an inventory upgrade (10,000 lei) from the Duke’s store. Once you have it, you’ll have the ammo recipes in your sights so you can use the resources you find to make your own shotgun and sniper rifle pellets.

  1. Learn the sounds of the game and what they mean

Do you hear a strange growl after entering a new room? There must be enemies nearby. When you remember what certain types of enemies sound like, you will immediately know what to expect next time. Enemy noises disappear only after the last one dies. So you can also find out when you are safe. Likewise, a ticking sound means there’s a collectible nearby, while a creak means there’s a bird cage somewhere to shoot for prey or resources. Just don’t pay close attention to other standard background noise. They don’t signal anything.

  1. Guarding can be more important than shooting

It won’t be long before you meet some of the game’s less friendly residents. As you will find, a few knife cuts or bullets are often not enough to keep you from reaching you, especially if they are in groups. So, instead of firing another bullet, just make sure you shield yourself in time and use your wakefulness to deflect most of the damage. If you successfully block a hit, you can press the guard button again to kick an opponent back, which will knock back any other opponents it hits as well. Later in the game, you can increase the amount of damage protection that you will be protected from through special recipes that the Duke can prepare.

  1. Sometimes running is better than fighting

Sometimes shooting and guarding is just not enough. At certain points in the story you will face a particularly large number of opponents, or a particularly powerful one. So a great tip for Resident Evil Village is, if you think you might not survive, see if there is an exit (which there is often). Additionally, there are times when you shouldn’t be fighting an enemy just yet. This is especially true for bosses. When you notice an escape route and your bullets don’t seem to be doing any damage, it is clear that you are not meant to fight this enemy. Run!

  1. Sell guns when you get a better option but keep a number of different types

We all love a good shotgun, don’t we? While one melee weapon is often most useful in Resident Evil Village, keeping two in your precious inventory and taking up a lot of space is not a good idea. For example, you can purchase different types of handguns and shotguns. By checking in to the Duke’s gunsmithing option, you can determine which is the most powerful (or will be the most powerful with some upgrades). Sell ​​the weaker options to save space (you can always buy them back). However, you should try to have one of everything on hand. The main reason for this is ammunition; You will get many different types of ammunition, but not necessarily large stacks of the same type. For one thing, if you run out of bullets, a few options to resort to are real life savers.

  1. Hand in your food to the Duke’s shop to save inventory space

After going through the first part of Resident Evil Village, collect meat, fish, and poultry. You can swap all of these out in the Duke’s kitchen, but it often takes a while to complete a recipe. Before you run off with an inventory of dead chickens, however, know that even if you can’t complete the recipe, you can hand in all of your food to the Duke. Just select the number of items you want to give and confirm. It will still be there next time you return.

And that’s all you need to know about Resident Evil Village for the moment. Time to pay a visit to Lady Dimitrescu!