Resogun DLC to include local co-op option — rumor

If a slightly cryptic image found on Housemarque’s official Resogun Facebook page is anything to go by, it looks as if its upcoming DLC drop may include a much-hoped-for local co-op option.

Earlier today the Finnish developer uploaded an image with a Resogun backdrop and two gamers frantically playing the side-scrolling shooter with the caption, ‘’First of many things to come #RESOGUN #DLC #teaser.’’

Reading between the lines a slight bit, it does indeed look like the option to play local co-op may just be around the corner – a feature which gamers have lamented the absence of since the game’s release on PS4 back in November.

We expect an update and full list of tweaks and additions to the upcoming Resogun DLC in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. And as ever, give us your comments below