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Respawn Offers Apex Legends Players Free Apex Packs In Wake Of Account Problems

Apex Legends developer Respawn is gifting players free Apex Packs as compensation for the recent issues brought on by an update that saw player accounts reset and progress lost.

Apex Packs feature cosmetic items and crafting currency, and are being distributed to players while Respawn attempts to restore lost progress and content affected by the issue.

Thank you legends for your patience as we work through the data outage and the data recovery process. As a thank you for your understanding, we’re giving everyone 8 Apex Packs! Simply log in before April 24 at 10 am PT to see them in your account.

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Speaking earlier this month, Respawn admitted that it “messed up” and had to temporarily take servers for Apex Legends offline while it deployed a fix for the issue.

Apex Legends recently celebrated its fifth anniversary having launched back in February 2019 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Since then, the game has received robust post-launch content support with new seasons, Legends, and more, and continues to remain one of the most popular battle royale time sinks on the market.