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Respawn Says Titanfall Is Still ‘The Very Core Of Our DNA’

titanfall 3 rumour

Respawn poured cold water on any hopes of a new Titanfall game overnight when it confirmed a third entry in the sci-fi series was not in the pipeline, but it’s clearly not forgotten the franchise, insisting it’s still ‘the very core of our DNA.’

Here’s what the studio had to say on Twitter, which naturally has fuelled hope that we may yet see Titanfall 3.

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Honestly, this sounds a bit like damage control to me after the previous comments about Titanfall 3 not being in the works. Fact is, Apex Legends is obviously making EA a ton of money right now, and it’s unlikely that a new Titanfall would be green lit anytime son.

Hopefully the series will make a comeback at some point, as Titanfall 2 was a critical darling, even if it didn’t sell quite as much as EA were perhaps hoping. For now though, it looks like Apex Legends is as close as we’re going to get.