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Return To Monkey Island Features A Cameo From Naughty Dog’s Own Neil Druckmann, “Still Can’t Believe It!”

Return To Monkey Island, the brand new comeback for the franchise that has charmed players for almost three decades features a special cameo from Naughty Dog’s own president Neil Druckmann.

Yes, director of The Last Of Us and co-director for The Last Of Us Part II, that Neil Druckmann. He tweeted about the cameo, thanking the creators for “topping my life goals! Still can’t believe it!”

Druckmann voices an NPC players will meet on their adventure in Return To Monkey Island, and with such a huge PlayStation figurehead included hopefully it’ll be available on the platform soon.

Currently, Return To Monkey Island is only available on Nintendo Switch and PC, so those without access to those platforms will just have to wait and hope a port sets sail for PlayStation’s waters.

There hasn’t been any real sign that a port is coming anytime soon, but hopefully it won’t stay like that for long.

Source – [PushSquare]