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Returnal Digital Deluxe Edition Includes Soundtrack And Bonus In-Game Content

The PlayStation Store has revealed details on the Returnal Digital Deluxe Edition, which will retail for £79.99 and comes with a stack of extra content for Housemarque‘s latest title.

The full lineup includes a copy of Returnal in digital form, the Electropylon Driver weapon, Hollowseeker weapon, one Reflex Stimulant consumable, one Pulsating Mass artefact, one Adrenaline Booster, digital soundtrack, and two in-game suits for Selene.

The Returnal Digital Deluxe Edition is now available for preorder via the PlayStation Store and will be released on March 19, 2021.

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Housemarque recently revealed a slew of new details on Returnal, including how the DualSense controller will work with the game in regards to adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. You can read more one that here.

Check out the latest Returnal trailer here to see how the PS5 actioner is shaping up.