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Returnal Is Sending Players Mobile Notifications Letting Them Know Where Their Friends Have Died


If you haven’t been playing Returnal since it launched then chances are you won’t know that the game is currently sending players mobile notifications telling them where their friends died.

In order for you to get one of these notifications, you do need to have the PlayStation app installed on your phone and be signed into it. We haven’t been able to confirm if you need to have played Returnal to get these notifications or if everyone will get them, so long as a friend is playing the game.

But, based on Twitter reports it does look like you need to have played in order for Sony to start sending these notifications out. We have got a few of these ourselves.

As for what use this has, in reality not much. It is a fun quirk to know when and where your friends have died, but other than shaming them it doesn’t do much to affect your gaming experience.

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Housemarque‘s latest game has been a critical hit and we loved it in our review. The developer has also responded to community complaints about the game’s lack of saving.

Returnal is available now on PS5.