Rockstar launches appeal against Manhunt 2 ban

Rockstar continues to make headlines with its controversial release of Manhunt 2. The company filed an appeal with the British Board of Film Classification on it’s banning of the game in the UK. Rockstar claims the BBFC has put their reputation before the interests of the gamers.

"There’s no evidence that playing interactive videogames leads to a propensity to act them out in real life. We wonder why Manhunt 2 has been singled out for special treatment," Geoffrey Robertson, Rockstar’s legal representative, stated.

Addressing the panel from the present to hear Rockstar’s appeal Robertson said, "There you are, seven of you – not one of you has experienced, I’m told by the chairman, computer games, or are a gamer."

One member of the panel interjected, stating, "That’s not true. Some of us actually have played computer games." It was later confirmed that the panel did indeed play Manhunt 2 before the hearing.

Robertson went on to say that "Millions of gamers play videogames and no crime has ever been directly attributed to them, with one exception." The original Manhunt initially did have ties to the murder of British teenager Stefan Pakeerah. The police later issued a statement, which said Pakeerah’s killer did not own the game and there was no connection.

The game was released in the U.S. on October 29, 2007 after making numerous changes to the game in order to have the ESRB downgrade it’s original rating of "AO" (adults only) to "M" (mature). Although the game was released in the United States, controversy has still been following the game, as last week four senators publicly spoke out on their feelings that the game should be banned from further distribution.

Source: Eurogamer