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Rocksteady Leadership Decided On Suicide Squad’s Live Service Angle; Wasn’t Forced On The Team By WB

A report on Forbes has revealed that the live service angle for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was not forced on the project by Warner Bros., but was actually decided on by developer Rocksteady Studios.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was mentioned in WB Discovery’s latest financial report as having experienced a disappointing release, contributing to a dip in the company’s quarterly earnings.

Rocksteady’s latest effort has been heavily criticised by gamers and reviewers alike, and had a tough job even before it came out to convince people it was a worthwhile investment. Given Rocksteady’s pedigree with the Batman Arkham games, many fans were expecting single-player, narrative-driven effort similar to the company’s previous outings, so Suicide Squad was never going to win many people over.

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Oddly enough, Warner Bros. has since announced its intention to double-down on live service games despite the critical and commercial disappointment of Suicide Squad.

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